Want to save $5000 per year & achieve your fitness goals?


Fitness Tips:

How much is your weekly meal plan costing you?

What if I told you that you could eat healthy, go on a full flavoured gourmet family meal plan and get the fit body you want all for $3.50 (AUD) per meal on average...Would you be in?!

Here are my tips to a healthy meal and workout plan that will provide endless pleasure on the lips, great for the hips and won't hurt your hip pocket:

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I entered the Virgin Airlines Fitness challenge as ‘skinny framed man’. I sort out Luke’s advice and I put on 7kgs of Muscles with his Workout Programs & Meal Plans and placed 3rd in the Virgin Airlines Challenge!

Meal Average Person Meal Cost Luke Heath Meal Plan Cost
Breakfast $0 most people skip breakfast $3.50 full flavour low GI nutritious meal & kicks starts your metabolism, will keep you going until lunch, cook once in 10-mins and lasts 2 weeks
Morning Snack $9 large coffee & a muffin, to satisfy your food carvings of skipping breakfast, usually blows out the calories and doesn't last long $1 fruit snack to get your 1 of 5 fruit & veg in, per day
Lunch $10 take out + $3 drink/ juice: at best a take out salad, but we all know salad diets only last 3 days then it goes to a full fat & massive calorie blow out. Then the drink at $3 per 500mls in more expensive than petrol (gasoline)! $6 Luke Heath Leftover meal packed from dinner the night before, full of fresh veggies, proteins and the right amount of calories to reach your goals
Afternoon Snack $3 usually a high sugar muesli bar packaged up as healthy or a candy bar $1 fruit snack to get your 1 of 5 fruit & veg in, per day
Dinner $8 if home cooked, usually not portion controlled because your exhausted from work and lack of meal plan guidence $6 Luke Heath meal, cooked with leftovers in mind for lunch the next day. Full of fresh veggies, proteins and the right amount of calories to reach your goals
Dessert $3 usually full of sugar and fats that blow the calories out $3.50 healthy full flavoured sweet treat to satisfy the cravings and keep your goals in check
Total: $36 thats close to double the cost, without guidance or goal focus $21 per day (including electricity to cook & 10Wks 2-Fit Challenge Meal Plans & Workout plan cost)

That's a saving over over $5400 per year! Are YOU in?

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