Reach Your Running Goals in Just 10 Weeks!

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Reach Your Running Goals in Just 10 Weeks!

10 weeks can make a massive difference in your running goals. If you are just starting out and have a running goal it can mean the difference of completing that Fun Run/Half Marathon or Marathon you always wanted to complete.

If you have been running for a while a 10 week training block can make all the difference in breaking that infamous time barrier you have never been able to personally break. With your goals in mind here is how 10 weeks will make the difference:

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Working up the to Running Goal

This is a big factor in starting out any training block toward running results whether you are beginning, challenging yourself with a new distance or taking your time to the next level. It also can be a big factor in injury in a 10 week training block if not executed with right guidance with the correct amount of increase verses rest days according to your fitness levels.

So what is the correct amount to increase per week Luke? Great question: I have spoken about this in other blog posts and a safe effective increase for anyone who is an athlete or starting out is 10% per week. It sounds real simple in theory but can real take a toll on your muscles and joins if not exicuted correctly across the whole week.
We have have all had that niggly or big injury before and wonder why right? It always comes back to where we increase too much and thats where we can always pin point the source if we back track through our training to where it began.
Would you like the right guidance for your next Fun Run/Half Marathon/Marathon with beginner to advanced options in the correct weekly kilometer increase?

Do you want to get Running Fit & Confident while YOU Sleep?

10W2Run Programs


Talk to anyone who has just completed their first Fun Run/Half Marathon/Marathon and they are over the moon about the achievement of completion and meeting their goals.

Now if you have never completed one you will find this funny but everyone who has will back me up here the next thought that crosses your mind after that awesome feeling of completion is will I do another one? Usually the answer is yes for a Fun Run or Half Marathon (for the general competitor), or Yes for the Marathon for the semi serious to athletes for Marathons. Then comes the statement of 'I'd like to run the next one quicker!' and "I think Ill be a litte more focused next time!'
What if we could bring these statements & fantastic goals forward to before you complete your first run? With the right pace guidance in traing you can. All it takes is some measurable and achievable goals and It will only take 5-minuts to set.
OK how Luke?
Here is a quick easy way if your would like to start with a run. Go out and complete a 1 kilometer time trail, clock the time and follow the pace guide below for your next running program. Already have a pace in mind from previous runs or would just like to make a start? Start with a training program based on the below beginner to advanced pace guide. Remember the pace you train out will greatly increase the time of your next big run!

Pace Guide Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Fun Run 10km (or less) 48-54mins (4:48-5:24/km) 44-48mins (4:24-4:48/km) 38-44mins (3:48-4:24/km)
Half Marathon 2hrs (5:41/km) 1hr48mins (5:06/km) 1hr30mins (4:15/km)
Marathon 4hrs-4hr20mins (5:41-6:09/km) 3hr30mins-3hr50mins (4:58-5:27/km) 3hrs-3hr20mins (4:15-4:44/km)


I've had hundreds of conversations with a wide range of world class athletes about nutrition and what is best for training and performance. The general conclusion around nutrition is that training will only take you 30% of the way, rest and training will give you around 60% of your training performance and 90% of performance comes down to the correct nutrition training and rest, the other 10% comes down to other factors.

Foods such as iron form your spinach and red meats are great for runner because these can be depleted quite quickly with training. Calsicum from skim milks, natural yoghurts and even Kale is fantastic for muscle & bone growth and repair with running. Also complex carbohydrates with low GI like some pastats and gains will keep you going for longer.
I want to pass on this key knowledge to you and give you the simple 15-minute recipes, requiring no experience in the kitchen to whip up, so you too can best fuel yourself from breakfast to dinner. I've also included the most important tips for pre-competition loading, competition day nutrition planning, and post competition recovery.
I come from an athletics and fun run background, but these tips can be applied to any 'athletic' sport to fuel yourself best for success.

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