Meal Plans


Are you sick of tasteless, unrealistic fitness Meal Plans?
Are you sick of cooking for hours, multiple times to reach your fitness goals?

Do you want to cook easy to follow, step-by-step, 15-minute meals with full flavour & leftovers that you and even the whole family will love, that won't blow the budget? With these recipes I will teach you new habits and confirm the ones you already know. You WILL lose weight and tone up fast, with easy to follow shopping lists & meal plans, & cook with easy to find ingredients.

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Three Easy Steps to Fitness Success

  1. Choose a Weekly Meal Plan for 1-4 people

  2. Work through the Plan from Week 1, Day 1 to the end of Week 10

  3. Use your common sense when it comes to occasional dinning out, with respect to: portion sizes (I walk you through each meal). Dinning out may push back your shopping day, so you may choose to freeze a meal for a later date.

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