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Luke Heath

In brief...

Luke Heath is a highly regarded Australian Fitness Professional and Entrepreneur, Creator of his own Group Fitness programs, National Group Fitness Trainer and Presenter, Presenter of Luke Heath 5 Minute Workout Series, Personal Trainer and athlete.
Luke ‘walks the talk’, he’s raw and very real in every way and leads the way in every aspect of his fitness career. His passion, motivation, drive and inspiration shines throughout every aspect of his life. Mentoring, challenging, motivating and inspiring others every day to incorporate enjoyable and efficient fitness activities into their lifestyle. It’s his overwhelmingly passionate personality and admirable presentation abilities that draw crowds to his fitness sessions and group fitness program.

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In detail…

Luke’s journey started with a significant setback early in life, a head injury at the age of 4. His skull was fractured after a cricket ball, hit for 6 to the boundary caused a blow to this spectators little head - a freak accident! As a result, Luke lost his motor skills, exercise, speech and regular school learning was not an option. With the help of professionals and ongoing family support, Luke worked hard to recover.

At the age of 10 Luke took up running with the hope of increasing his coordination, fitness and to challenge himself, and by 12 years old he was considered at a ‘normal’ learning level. Exercise took just as long to perfect and at the age of 17 Luke was a top runner in the state of Tasmania, achieving far more than anyone thought possible. Luke continues to compete today, running for charity and training with State and Australian representatives, particularly from his hometown. He also works with such representative runners in a mentoring capacity, discussing training and race strategy and provides support to them on various levels.

Luke describes the key to his successful recovery to be his drive and passion for more result! To put yourself outside of your comfort zone is an amazing thing and that’s where the best results are achieved. “As a 4 year old, I decided that I was going to give life everything I had and was going to prove everyone wrong… I was going to get back up to speed with my peers and achieve more! From these experiences I learnt that if you have the gift of movement, you can exercise.”

At the age of 12, Luke began functional strength training focusing on bodyweight strength. At 16 he started lifting weights, using basic free plates and a barbell from his garage-based gym, to gain high-end power, co-ordination and strength.

In 1997 Luke entered the professional world of personal training and group fitness where he saw a direct path to helping others see the benefits of exercise, allowing him to capture a greater audience to motivate, mentor and inspire others to achieve more in life through regular exercise. He was inspired and mentored by various key industry figure heads that shared their raw, real passion for fitness.

Luke moved to Sydney in 2009 and in 2010 he achieved the opportunity to present group fitness for Les Mills as an elite instructor in his field. Given his drive, passion and entrepreneurial approach to the fitness industry, this was not enough. The status quo is definitely not for Luke!

Luke set out to do more! More for society and more for the fitness industry, to impact a larger audience with the benefits of super functional, efficient and highly effective workouts! This led him to combine his unique skills and approach to exercise, drawing on his experience, life setbacks and passion to create and deliver the most efficient, effective and enjoyable workouts to you! Establishing his group fitness program, Luke Heath DYNAMIC STRENGTH in 2011 - a fully certified and registered program with Fitness Australia.

Luke’s latest project, Luke Heath Fitness workout and recipe app combined together to make his 10 weeks 2-Fit Challenge. This is a one of a kind Fitness App, delivering you an attractive, user-friendly and convenient, step-by-step App. Allowing you to workout & cook anytime, anywhere, taking the thinking, structuring and brain energy out of your workouts, so you can apply all your energy to your workout in the most efficient and effective way to achieve maximum result, in no time! Trialed and tested by 1000’s of his clients, participants, mentees and admirers.

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