About Luke Heath Fitness

Although our company was founded in 2012, our fitness roots go back to 1987. Our co-founder, Luke Heath, learned fitness because he had no choice. At the age of 10, he tried his first team sports to help him out with learning difficulty at school and lack of co-ordination. But they provided no way in for a helpless beginner and left him feeling rejected.

He was left with no choice but to learn fitness, and he eventually got good at it when he took up running as a sport. Luke never planned presenting fitness on a global scale until he met his co-founder Tiff. After presenting nationally for 13 years and feeling like he was being judged by fitness peers who knew less about fitness than what he did, they decided to create a different kind of digital fitness. One that was honest and only took on clients that they could actually help. And instead of focusing on growing their company, their number one focus was to grow their clients fitness from beginner to advanced and provide real fitness results.

Our Founders

Luke Heath

Luke has presented fitness at the highest level for over 20 years. Men's Muscle Health says Luke has surpassed others to become a leader in the Australian fitness industry. The Daily Telegraph voted him best new fitness app in 2015, Bauer Media called him the master of fast efficient workouts, and Runners World Magazine says a childhood set back didn’t stop this runner from reaching great heights. After humble beginnings due to head injury Luke started exercise to get oxygen to the brain, he is now recognized by Elite Australian Athletes as a leading mentor.

Tiff Patrick

Tiff’s fitness passion grew from over 20 years of dance training and playing state level cricket while coaching & captaining various teams. After graduating from the University of Sydney with 1st class honours on a Senate Sports Scholarship, Tiff now leads a successful finance career. Tiff’s experienced how easy it is to let your fitness take a backseat. She’s extremely passionate about contributing to our blogs and workouts to add her diverse sporting touch and inspire others. Without daily use of our workout programs and meal planner she admits she’d struggle to stay fit and healthy, while achieving career success, being an energised mother.

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