Luke’s Story

Luke's Story

How 10W2Fit Begun!

In brief...

I was super uncoordinated and had learning difficulties as a child due to a head injury. That’s why I started exercise.

I was a super skinny 60kg teenager, that’s why I started at the gym.
I was a overweight adult, and that's why I started these step-by-step App Programs. To help people just like YOU find their Skinny Jean, Shirt Off Confidence!

In Detail...

I owe my life to fitness. It built my confidence, my coordination and gave me experiences of success to help me live a 'normal' life. Hell it even helped me learn at school.

I never thought my personal story and my fitness history would, affect so many lives, and motivate so many people to become super confident and the best they can be.

My Childhood Set Back

I didn’t know it at the time, but looking back, my head injury would mark the start of my fitness journey. At the age of 4 when a cricket ball was knock for 6 at a family fun day and hit me square across the forehead fracturing my scull.

I remember feeling dizzy, the kids surrounding me pointing at me and crying, I immediately felt dopy and silva was freely flowing from my mouth like a new born child.
This is all I remember apart from not being able to pronounce my name to the doctors when I reached hospital.
In a split second I had lost almost everything I had learnt to this point in my life. All my 'natural childhood co-ordination was gone.
I had to learn how to walk, talk and control my Silva all over again.
It would set the tone for the next 5 years of my life and would ultimately shape the rest of my life for the better!

My Un-Coordinated Fitness Start

It’s fair to say that fitness & co-ordination never came easy to me.

A close family friend suggested I should take up a sport to further develop my 'motor skills' and co-ordination. So after a few epic fails I decided to try my lack of fitness in the local running club. I finally found the break I was looking for.
My coaches' philosophy was: "The only person you really compete against is yourself and the clock!"
This quote changed my life! I was off, I was running, and I was only trying to be better than what I was yesterday.
And guess what…so was my school and learning too.
It was no fairy tale and it wasn't easy.
But fitness was the break and answer to everything I was looking for!
All those epic fails with fitness and lack of co-ordination would eventually benefit others in their personal journeys.

My Fitness Career Start: Punching 'Above My Weight'

When I first entered the gym I was 18, I was a 60 kilogram (132 pound), 6 ft 4", distance runner. I was fit but I was about to find out I was still uncoordinated.

I wanted to help others make the start they always wanted in fitness like I had. So I joined the 'local weight class to music' at the gym and soon after inquired about becoming an instructor.
I knew I still had a long way but now I also saw the fitness industry as a way of conquering my biggest fears in life: confidence, co-ordination & public speaking. But I had some great mentors along the way and I worked hard for it!
Project forward a few years and my career catapulted me to the pinnacle of instructing, a 'nation trainer and presenter' in my craft. These years where fun, I loved the chase of becoming a Nationally Recognized Presenter but hated the game at the top.
I was being judged by people who knew less about fitness than what I did.
I wanted to give back by using my experiences to help other in the fitness industry.

My Positive Change for the Fitness Industry

I found being down to earth and honest about my journey really inspired others on so many levels.

They could relate to my struggles with co-ordination and confidence. Where others would strive to be a 'celebrity personal trainer' I would strive to meet the client where they where at on their fitness journey.
I dew on my experiences and set backs to create realistic beginner to advanced fitness programs that other could relate to.

It has been one hell of a ride and I have loved every step of the way. It has made me the Confident Person I am today!

This is my fitness story. Let’s create yours Together!
Big fitness love,