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G’day Guys,
The kitchen, food and exercise has always been a massive part of my life, so I’m so excited about my latest project which I can bring to your household and transform your meal times and fitness results: ‘Fitness Food’. I have cooked all sorts of meals with amazing chefs across the globe and have created my fitness food recipes, inspired by these experiences along with my love for health and fitness. I want to provide you with the hints and tips I have learnt along the way, so you too can cook gorgeous meals that the whole family will love, while achieving your fitness results. These healthy, mouth watering, low calorie, highly nutritious meals will not just feed your muscles to visual results but feed the whole family to a healthier, fitter, leaner lifestyle. I look forward to meeting you in your kitchen and walking you through step-by-step to some of the healthiest and filling flavours you have ever cooked.

Big fitness love, Luke bigfitnesslove_smiley

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In detail:

My Pop: Jack Salter, Chef in the Army and his uncanny resemblance

My Pop: Jack Salter, Chef in the Army and his uncanny resemblance

As a young boy reading, writing and school were not things that came easily to me due to a head injury I suffered at the age of 4 years old. At times I found it hard to express myself like other kids through the normal avenues. Instead I would find my own peace of mind by creating with movement and flavours what my words could not express. From a young age I found myself being the little shadow of my grandfather, Jack Salter, who was a chef in the army and also managed the King Island Cheese factory just north of Tasmania, where some of Australia’s finest cheeses are still produced today. Pop would teach me little tips and tricks in the kitchen and help me experiment with flavours and dishes. Through his experiences growing up during the great depression, Pop quickly taught me that if you’re going to cook it, you’re going to eat it, because there is no waste. So after a few early failed attempts I learnt that I had better get the right mix of flavours for my palate. He taught me things as simple as, cinnamon and honey on porridge will lift the blandest breakfast into an amazing start to the day, and that the right flavour in gravy makes the meal.
But it wasn’t always about food with Pop, exercise was a massive part of his life too. He would ride his 1-geared push-bike 100km just to see Nan on his day off from being a chef (this is when roads in Tasmania were not sealed). He would also get up at the ‘crack of dawn’ every morning to play elite level badminton in which he became Northern Tasmanian champion and State runner up. Pop taught me that fitness and food go hand in hand, mixed with beautiful flavours for a healthy lifestyle that anyone can achieve.
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Cooking with Head Chef Phat in Veitnam

Cooking with Head Chef Phat in Vietnam

Today I find myself being the man around the kitchen for my beautiful wife, Tiff. Tiff just like you runs a busy schedule, juggling work, fitness and achieving the dream of a well balanced lifestyle. She wants to know that what she is eating is nutritious, healthy, with low calories and flavoursome at the same time. With the added stress of her busy career schedule, Tiff has found that her tolerance to gluten and dairy has significantly reduced, which is becoming so common across the globe. So I took it upon myself to find healthy, wholesome flavours and easily digestible alternatives to suit Tiff and your dietary requirements, while still ticking all the boxes of nutrition for optimal fitness results. These recipes are not only bursting with flavour but have also increased my own personal health too. Tiff’s also shared hints and tips with me from her hospitality education and experience in the industry, taking my professional food skills to the next level.
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Wherever I travel, whether local or global, I’m looking for new and healthy flavours to create exciting, nutritious recipes for you to couple up with your exercise, to gain optimal fitness results. Still one of my favorite ways to express myself is in the kitchen creating for a healthier, fitter, leaner you.

Big fitness love, Luke bigfitnesslove_smiley

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