Results in Less than 1 Hour per Day!


Fitness Tips:

Less than 1 Hour per Day!

  • Get fit with 20-minute Workouts
  • Get food with 15-minute Meals
  • Get lean in 10 weeks or Less
I've been in the fitness industry for years and I continue to be amazed at how even regular gym-goers over-complicate their workouts, prep and food, and continue to miss their goals as a result.
It seriously doesn't actually take that much time per week to get fit, prep and eat the right food, to get lean and you can do it too! All it takes is less than 1 hour per day which is only 4% of your whole week!
Let me break it down for you and show you how simple it really is here:

Side Leap at Home

Get Fit in 1 Hour

  • Punchy 20-minute Workouts
  • Working big muscle groups
  • A great mix of cardio & strength
  • Workout at Home, Park or Gym
Everyone still thinks it takes hours of working out to get fit, this is not the case anymore. With functional lifting and multi-tasking on multiple muscle groups it is super realistic and possible to get fit in 20-minutes.
Functional exercises such as your burpees, athletic lunges, push-ups and squats adding a little rotation, will raise your heart rate, work muscle for strength and get you fit gaining muscle tone in this time frame.
If you cut out the breaks between your sets, you will find your fitness goals come quicker.

It will take you longer to watch your favourite show on Netflix than it does to complete one of Workouts & Recipes!

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Anastasia: 10W2Fit

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Get Food in 1 Hour

  • Fast 15-minute Meals
  • Serving the right portion sizes
  • Cook for yourself, your partner or whole family
  • Plenty of leftovers for the week
Most people think of bland, blanched food when it comes to fitness, and that anything with deep and exciting flavours is going to take hours slaving in the kitchen and a blow out of calories. This isn't the case anymore!
All my meals, even the roasts which give you plenty of leftovers for the week only take 15-minutes to prep. Spices are the key to flavour here and they also raise your metabolism, which is fantastic for fitness.
All my meals take 15-minutes from start to finish in the kitchen and if your cooking a roast you can walk away for a '20-min At Home Workout' have a shower, relax, help the kids with their homework and return when it's cooked.

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BBQ Pulled Pork Burgers with Mustard Slaw
BBQ Pulled Pork Burgers with Mustard Slaw

Get Lean in 1 Hour

  • Get the right workout program for you
  • Get the right 15-minute meal plan for you
  • Raise your metabolism and get fit while you sleep
  • All it takes less than 1 hour per day
So in 20-minutes you can have a workout and in 15-minutes you can cook meals that will fuel your fitness with full flavours! So that's only 35-minutes on your fitness per day. You absolutely can achieve your fitness results!
If you want your goals to come even quicker, just add an extra 20-minute workout making a 40-minute workout which will get you right up into the optimal fat burning zone for longer (15mins-40mins is optimal for fat burning & fitness results).
With an extra workout this will still only make it 55-minutes per day in the kitchen and working out which is only 4% of your total weekly time spent on getting fit!


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