Last Minute Wedding Fitness in 4 Weeks

Fitness Tips:

Last Minute Wedding Fitness in 4 Weeks

Ok so you've come to this article in my blog because you have left your wedding day fitness plan to the last minute.

I get get it, you've been extremely busy with a list as long as your arm of decent reasons why!
So time is of the essence here, and I have a got a great 4 week plan for you that will start, or give you a finally 4 week kicker to get the visuals on all the key wedding day areas that you want:

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Where to Start

Muscle strength is going to add muscles tone so this is a great place to start. Strength is going to give you muscle endurance and power for your cardio workouts as well.

So the best place to start your 4 weeks of strength for wedding day fitness and tone is where you are going to workout the most. Lets take a look at your options here.
Are you more likely to workout in the comfort of your home? You can give your strength a great kicker with just your body weight or if you have a set of adjustable dumbbells this will take a few areas to the next level. (You can pick up a good set for just $25).
Do you have a gym membership? Great start using it and focsuing on strength for tone.
Do you have quick easy access to a local park with workout stations? A backyard or even local oval? There are tone of body weight strength workout that can be completed there as well.
The best place to start is pick where you are most likely to workout and make a massive 4 week start to finish with the big day.

Key Focus Areas

Firstly lets take a back track to the type of dress (or suit) you will be wearing and this will help narrow down the key areas you want to focus on.

In general the main key areas I hear time and time again when the wedding day come closer is I want to tone my core, arms, back, and butt to look amazing in my dress.
Does that about cover it for you?
So know you know where you would like to workout and the key areas you would like to focus on here are leads me to my next 2 points that are the kickers in achieving your goals!

Up the Cardio

Across my 10 week challenges I up the cardio intensity 3 times so your goals keep coming across the whole challenge.

Ok so we don't have that luxury of 10 weeks, we have to cram all those cardio changes into 4 weeks so you see and feel the results. So Each week across the next 4 weeks so we need to cram theses intensity changes into your workouts.
Also couple these cardio changes in my workouts plans with my fitness support on intensity changes so you goals come even quicker over these last few weeks.

Athletic Lunges

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Meal Plan

No I'm not a big fan of cramming diet and starving yourself for your wedding day.

My big thing with my clients is to look fit, healthy and glowing on the big day with a whole heap of muscle tone. Not straving, tried and drawn through a lack of nutrients and aggressive calorie cutting.
So my big suggestion is a decent calorie intake per day of 1600 calories with the right amount of proteins, carbs and veggies and fruit. Along with sweets and treats so when you start pushing hard in your training (which you going to have to from the get go here if you only have 4 weeks left), when the cravings hit they are incorporated into the meal plan so you don't feel like you have to go over indulge on he wrong foods and blow your goals away.
This where I find the biggest failure in cramming a fitness goals is alack of the right nutrition and the right meal plan that can be stuck to.
Try my meal plans with all the right nutrients carbs, proteins and slightly aggressive low calorie intake so you can fuel your cardio and strength workouts to the best results in 4 weeks.

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