Is There Really a Fast Fitness Meal Plan with Flavour

Is There Really a Fast Fitness Meal Plan with Flavour!

Everyone has a different answer.

Some meal plans really on beautiful photos, celebratory endorsement and testimonials to show their worth.

While others rely on nutritional stats alone.

I decided to look at the nutritional stats and combine that with my personal experience to give the ideal balance.

So before you go off and put a lot of effort into meal prep, check this out.

Nutritional Balance

There are so many diets out there...which is the perfect one?

The answer is there isn't one- but there is a lot you can do to lead to healthier diet & lifestyle.

In a study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health show that reduced saturated fat, salt and sugar lead to healthier diet.

All of these are highly addictive and in a competitive food industry they're abundant in fast foods, even high class dinning to keep you coming back.

One of the simplest ways to acheive a healthy diet is to cook at home.

So what lets take a look at what the average 66kg (145 pounds) female and 82kg (180 pounds male) needs to consume for per day for a healthy diet:

  • Between 1600-1800 calories to rapidly boost muscle tone.
  • Between 56-78 grams of total fat depending on exercise levels.
  • An average of 175-200 grams of carbohydrates depending on weight & exercise levels.
  • An average of 80-100 grams of protein depending on weight & exercise levels.

The above stats are based off a moderate level off exercise.

I have mentioned in other blogs how I am massive fan of a 20-minute workout and how it rapidly benefits to your health.

So let's take a look at what happens when I combine the above stats into my meal plans:

Nutritional Fact
My meal plan meets the daily nutritional requirements and it not fad diet- it has brownies!

As you can the see stats alone work...but if you want more than the stats and a fast, full flavoered meal plan-

then read on:

Meal Prep

I've mentioned it before and I'll say it again...the fitness industry is full of unrealistic fad diets and protein shakes!

There are 3 big myths when it comes to fitness meals:

Myth #1: Weighing Meals

One of the biggest myths in the fitness industry is that need to eat bland poached chicken salads to get results.

You don't need to carefully weigh out your meals and prep for hours to crush it with fitness.

In my experience all that thinking has been done with your shopping list.

Check out this shopping list from my meal plans:

Shopping list
Let the shopping list do the thinking and weighing for you.

It is as simple as walking through the isles and picking up the already correctly weighed ingredient.

Or even better simply upload you list to online shopping and have it delivered to your door.

Then just go to the fridge or pantry and cook with what you need- it is that simple.

Weighing meals- myth busted!

Myth #2: Cook For Hours

Who wants to cook for hours...that's ridiculous when your working and working out!

In my personal experience all you have energy for 15-minutes in the kitchen.

Any longer is complete waste of your time.

Check out this big roast prepped in 15-minutes:

That's right even your big meal cook-up on the weekend will feed you for days in 15-minutes of prep.

Simply prep, place in the oven or pot and walk away for one of my at home workouts until cooked.

But you thought that was quick then check out the meal you get from the leftover meat:

Pretty cool hey?! You only have to cook for 10-minutes to get 4 meals mid week!

Cook for hours- myth busted!

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Myth #3: Fitness Meals Have No Flavour

I have mentioned before in other blogs the benefits of spice to flavour and your metabolism.

It is not only import to your fitness results but no one wants to eat a bland meal or live on protein shakes.

There is a big misunderstanding that if you cut fat and sugar you will be left without flavour.

When in fact big flavours can be acheive with little fat, little sugar and beautiful spice.

This why I use spice in all my meal plan recipes to rapidly boost your fitness and satisfy your taste buds.

No Flavour- myth busted!

No Experience Needed

You can acheive full flavoured fitness meal without tons of experience in the kitchen.

It's really simple to bang out 4 meals or more meals in 15-minute with the right tools.

You can pick a good food processor for around $100 and you speed up every thing in the kitchen.

A food processor will- get you chopping veggies and placing in pan in seconds not minutes!

Check out how easy it is to make choc brownies in seconds with a food processor:

Brownies in food processor
Mix the ingredients for these brownies within seconds and look at the result!

Not only will you have health treat in record time but the benefits of chocolate will also improve your cardio.

Now if you think that's cool check out the results when I put all the above recipes together in a meal plan:

weekly meal plan
This is just a snippet of dinner and dessert but check out those perfect nutritional stats for a roast , sub & brownie!

That's right you can eat a lamb roast, a sub and brownie all in one day and not blow out the calories.

Whats even better is you cook once with full flavour and eat for days.

In Summery

  • All you need is 1800 calories per day to see muscle tone.
  • You don’t have too weigh your meal or cook for hours.
  • You can have full flavoured fitness meals with leftovers.
  • All it takes is 15-minute to cook a meal or prep a roast.
  • You don’t need any experience to cook fast with the help of a food processor.

workout & meal plan

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