Hump Day Workouts

Ropes & Fast Arm Fitness
Swiss Ball Full Body Cardio at Home
20-min Bosu & Bike H.I.I.T
Runners Revolution
Cardio Legs & Core Revolution
Suitcase Your Legs & Core
Kettlebell Leg Killer
20-minute Treadmill H.I.I.T Session
Perfect Pool Session
Backyard Body Blitz
Slammin' Sledge-Hammer Session
12 Things for Your Torso
Bar 'n' Bench, Chest 'n' Back Workout
Ropes & Cardio Power
Tight Bosu Torso Cardio at Home
Beach Body Bonanza
Brilliant Bosu Full Body Cardio at Home
Super Sexy 6 Pack
Slim & Sexy Hot Session with the Hens
Beach Body Cardio
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