Hump Day Workouts

Ropes & Cardio Power
Tight Bosu Torso Cardio at Home
Beach Body Bonanza
Brilliant Bosu Full Body Cardio at Home
Super Sexy 6 Pack
Slim & Sexy Hot Session with the Hens
Beach Body Cardio
Supped Up Leg Cardio on the Ropes
Bosu Leg Cardio at Home
Ropes & Tire Sports Power Session
Swiss Ball Leg Cardio at Home
Pre Season Match Fitness
Torso & Swiss Ball Cardio at Home
20-min Bosu Leg Cardio Calorie Killer
Full Body on Dumbbells & Cardio at Home
Athlete in 20
Sexy Arms on Dumbbells at Home
Torso on Dumbbells & Cardio at Home
Leg Cables & Core
Jazzing Up Back Equipment
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