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G’day Guys,
I have packed this mobile/tablet friendly app full of easy to follow features that even my mum can use while cooking. Let me walk you through step by step from picking your recipes, adding them to your shopping list, cooking and finding out all the nutritional facts you need to create a healthier, fitter, leaner you.

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Step 1: Pick your Recipes


Use your phone or tablet to go to Luke Heath Recipes under the Fitness Food Heading to select your weekly recipes. I have added each recipes under the relevant headings so it make it so accurate and easy for you to find what you are looking for. Maybe you want to search from something more specific? Just type in the cuisine, meal or food item into the search engine and it will come up with all my recipes with exactly what you’re looking for.

Step 2: Add to Shopping List

Find the recipes you want for your weekly shop and simply add them to your shopping list by touching on the shopping cart in the recipe. Once you have added it your shopping list it will notify you with a ‘pop -up text ‘ and then you can move on the next recipe you wish to add.
*Also you can change the amount of people you care cooking for in the each recipe before you add them and it will adjust the ingredients automatically.

Step 3: Shop

I have collated all the items (even for multiple recipes) into categories that suits the shopping isles at the super market, so you can easily walk through and pick of each item. If you have unexpected guests coming over you can easily change the number of people you care cooking for in each recipe as you shop from your shopping list.
*Login to save the menu and don't forget to hit the trash can to delete before you shop next.

Step 4: Cook

Scroll down below the ingredient on each recipe to find the step-by–step photos, text, hints, tips and portion size as I walk you through to some of best cooking you have ever achieved.

Step 5: Check the Nutrition

I have added all the nutritional information for each recipe that you need to keep your nutrition and fitness goals on track. You can find these by scrolling to the base of each recipe or on the right hand side of your computer if your search via the web.

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