How to Lose the Last Stubborn 5kg!

How to Lose the Last Stubborn 5kg!

You know what the easiest weight to lose is- the first couple of kilograms (pounds).

You know what the hardest weight lose is- the last 5 kilograms.

They can be really stubborn and when you get close to your goals it isn't as easy as what you thought it would be.

I spent a tone of time and money myself trying lose stubborn weight until I found a few tactics that actually work.

Today I am going to share with you what actually you can lose the last 5 kilograms fast!

Back To Calorie Basics

Everything is fantastic when you start out on your fitness journey towards your big goals.

You complete a few workouts, you raise your metabolism...but then you begin to rely on the initial metabolism boost like its an endless well of calorie burning.

Your not alone I thought the same when I first started. Just take a look at the photos below...

I was age 18, a 60kg skinny teenager with NO proper strength training and burning way more calories than I consumed! I was fit but I could be holistically fitter with the right workout program!

After a number of years working out I started getting complacent and failed to implement the right meal plan.

I was relying on that teenage metabolism to much...

But look at the results I gained when I implemented my meal plans

I lost 25 kilograms in 3 months by implementing the right meal plans. Impressive for 81kg and 6ft 4" hey?

Not only was I able to get back into a healthy weight range by implanting these, I was able to keep the weight off with a specific daily calorie intake.

I have mentioned before other blogs a healthy daily calorie consumption for the average female (65kg) and male (80kg) is 1600-1800 calories per day.

You know from my other blogs I'm a massive fan of full flavored meals that don't blow out the calories.

Just check out one of my Italian week meal plan with plenty of sources and pasta:

Itaial Meal Plan
Lasagna, Cacciatore, Caesar Salad and Sorbet all week for no more than 1700 calories!

So the question isn't how many calories you should's how many calories are you burning...

Back when I first started it was really hard to get an accurate guide to how much calories were being burnt daily.

But now with fitbiz or other fitness watches it really easy to track your daily steps, heart rate, and calorie burn.

So by simply implementing the right meal plan and right fitness tracking watch they can both do all the thinking for you.

I mean who really want to sit there and count calories in verses out the old school way?

Once you know how many calories are being consumed and can't go wrong in burning the last 5kgs!

Raising the Metabolism Again

So you've made a start with fitness, you've lost the first couple of kilo's (pounds)'re even on a realistic meal plan.

But the last 5kg's just won't budge
...what should you do?

Again going back to the basic's here really helps.

I'm a massive fan of a daily 20-minute workout, it is not only beneficial for fat burning and raising your metabolism, it will also help you to achieve the minimum exercise recommendations by The Amercian College of Sports Medicine set out here:

  • Aim for 150 minutes of exercise per week which is 20-minutes of exercise per day.
  • Progress gradually if your a beginner by starting with 10-minutes every second day and work up to the above.
  • These sessions should be a combination of cardio and strength exercises.
  • Exercises should be performed at moderate intensity or above, including functional exercises involving major muscles groups.
  • A 20-minute workout will burn fats up to 40 hours post exercise.

I've mentioned before in other blogs of how to get the maximum out of doing the minimum with the above recommendations.

So your meeting the minimum daily exercise requirements, but the last 5kg still won't budge...what should you do?

The American College of Sport Medicine suggests for faster results, exercise at a higher intensity level for 20-minutes or more than 150-minute per week.

Also you can gain great results by mixing up muscle groups on different days so the next day your fresh.

Check out how I apply daily muscle groups to my programs:

Daily Workout Plan
If your results aren't coming quick enough couple up 20-minute workout daily with a mix of multiple muscle groups across the week.

By adding 2x 20-minute and mixing up muscle workouts daily gives you the opportunity to do more than the minimum to boost your fitness.

Check out these results others gained from my programs:

Ansatasia lost 10kg in my 10W2Fit programs, and Nick lost body fat and gained muscle tone in my 30 Day Boost Programs

As you can the you can rapidly lose the stubborn last 5kgs by applying these simple workout tactics with a realistic meal plan.

You'd be laughing too if you had a fitness stratergy

You'd be sad too if you knew how much fitness you were missing out on

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Increase Intensity to Save Time

There is one simple and effective way to increase workout intensity and that's with reps.

This is a great way to boost your fitness...don't train longer if your pushed for time- train smarter!

Here is what happened when I increased my training reps, I went from this:

I was age 18, a 60kg skinny teenager with NO proper strength training and burning way more calories than I consumed! I was fit but I could be holistically fitter with the right workout program!

Now fast forward just one year. Here are the results I was able to produce through simply adding strength training with the right reps

Now 80kg at height 6ft 4". It took me the best part of a year to workout my step-by-step strength training strategy that actually worked and I gained most my results in the last 3 months!

YES – That’s right, I increased my lean muscle by 33% looking and feeling fitter, without any protein shakes or supplements!

Sure it took me while to figure out this tactic but when I did you can see the results.

Now take a look at what happens when I apply this same systematic rep approach to my programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced:

App Reps Adjustment
Taking the reps from Intermediate to Advanced. 5 Reps may not seem much but across a workout but the intensity adds up!

The 5 reps above going from beginner to advanced doesn't seem like much, but it makes a huge difference to the workouts intensity and your metabolism.

Adjusting reps to the next fitness level this way is the best incremental fitness boost to stay injury free.

All it takes is a flick of the fitness profile button to adjust the reps and you can take your fitness to the next level.

But don't take my word for it...try a workout for yourself!

In Summery

The last stubborn 5kgs are simple to shift if you follow these steps:

  • Follow a meal plan consuming a healthy diet of 1600-1800 calories per day!
  • Track your daily calorie burn to accurately with a fitness tracking watch.
  • Take your metabolism with daily workouts of 20-minutes or some days slightly longer .
  • If your pushed for time increase the workout reps to increase your metabolism!

A combination of all 4 of the above steps in a systematic program will never fail to lose those stubborn kilograms.

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Rapidly Boosting Fitness!

Put in your name & email & I'll teach you how to Double YOUR Fitness in 30 days!

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