How to Get Fit with Your Favourite Fast Foods

How to Get Fit with Your Favourite Fast Foods!

You have started working out and your metabolism going crazy.

Your diets going well,but you just can't stop those fast food cravings.

At what cost is it coming to your fitness goals?

Well what if I told you can still have both...

Today I am going to show you how to fit your favourite fast foods into a meal plan and still crush your fitness goals!

Do You Burn Enough To Consume Fast Food

It's easy to gain a rough estimate calories burnt when you use a formula.

If you are an average weight of 66kg (145 pounds) female and 82kg (180 pounds male) here what you will burn per hour:

  • Low intensity Walking: female 277 calories, male 344.
  • Moderate intensity Circuit Class: female 554 calories, male 689.
  • Moderate intensity Running: female 752 calories, male 935.

Remember current fitness levels, gender and intensity play a big factor here.

I have mentioned before I am big fan of a 20-minute workout and that if it is performed at high intensity so you don't need to spend hours working out.

The higher the intensity of the workout will play a big part of your fat and calorie burning post the session.

On average we need around 1600-1800 calories per day with exercise to rapidly boost our muscle tone.

So what let's see the real cost of fast foods and how do they fit into your meal plans...

Burgers & Burritos

Ok I know McDonald's isn't known for health food but I didn't know how many calories where in their burgers.

Let's take a look at the screens shots of a Big Mac taken from their website:

Big Mac Calories
In one Big Mac you cover over half of a healthy daily calorie intake!

That's whopping 840 calories per burger!

So if we use the above formula you will have to workout for: 2.5-3hrs of walking, 1.25-1.5hrs of Circuit Classes, 55mins-1.25hrs of running to burn off this burger!

While where at it lets look at the an Australian fast food chain for Mexican the Guzman Y Gomez Burritos:

Beef Burrito
It will take you 1.5 hours of Circuit Classes at the gym to burn this Burrito off!

There isn't a burrito there that's not half a days worth of calories.

Again to burn off these burritos you will have to workout for: 2.5-3hrs of walking, 1.25-1.5hrs of Circuit Classes, 55mins-1.25hrs of running.

Now let's look at the calories in my beef & cheese burgers and burritos:

Luke Heath Burgers and Burittoes
There is around half the calories that in these fast burgers & burritos

Now this where the real fitness magic happens when I place them into my meal plans...

Burgers in Meal Plans
These burgers fit perfectly into a meal plan around 1600-1800 calories per day.

With this meal plan there is burgers for dinner and leftover for lunch the next day.

That's 2 burgers a day and the daily calorie consumption fits perfectly into the 1600-1800 mark.

So yes...burgers and burritos are in the meal plan!

Pizza & Fries

There are many choices when it comes to pizza and I have talked about the right pizza choices in other blogs.

Let's look at typical slice from a pizza hut:

Pizza Hut Pizza
That's over half a meal of calories in 1 slice of Pizza Hut Pizza.

No one is going to eat just one slice.

So to burn off half of this big boy you'll need to workout for: 3-3.75hrs of walking, 1.5-2hrs of Circuit Classes, 1-1.4hrs of running.

Then comes everyone favourite fires...

McDonald's Fries
There is almost 1 meal of calories in McDonald's Large Fries and not much less in medium or small.

It may only be a side dish to your favourite burger at Mcdonald's

But its going to take workout of: 1-1.3hrs of walking, 30-45mins of Circuit Classes, 20-30mins of running just to burn the fries.

There is a way you can have both...Take a look at these recipes for Lamb Pizza and Chicken Club Sandwich with Wedges-

Lamb Pizza and Chicken Club Sandwich with Fries
That's half a Lamb Pizza at 424 calories & a whole Chicken Club Sandwich with wedges at 496 calories.

You can enjoy half a pizza with leftovers the next day for less than half the calories of pizza hut.

Or couple up a Club Sandwich with Wedges for just over the calories in Macca's fires for a whole meal.

Now take a look at this when I put pizza into my meal plans:

Lamb Pizza in Meal Plan
A lamb pizza fits perfectly into my meal plans with perfect daily calories

Lamb is one of the highest calorie meats and it still fits into a meal plan with pizza at 1600-1800 calories for the whole day!

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Sweats & Treats

If your into fitness it's hard to go past a sweat every now and then as quick fix.

Sometime you just can stop those 3pm or late night cravings for brownie or some ice-cream.

At what cost does this come to your fitness?

In the blow photo lets take a look at Star Bucks Brownie:

Star Bucks Brownie
At 410 calories that one of my main meal in a mouth full of calories!

That's a whopping 410 calories and 220 calories from the fat!

You will have to workout for: 1.2-1.5hrs of walking, 35-45mins of Circuit Classes, 25-35mins of running

While we are at it take a look at these servings of Carbury's Cherry Ripe Ice-cream:

That's half a main meal in per serve!

To burn off this 237 calorie dessert you'll need to workout for: 40-50mins of walking, 20-25mins of Circuit Classes, 15-20mins of running

Now check out the calories Choc Brownies and Cherry Ripe taken from my recipes:

Both these snacks have dark chocolate and berries which will do more that satisfy the cravings it will improve your cardio too.

That's cut the brownie by over a third in coming in at 144 calories.

Also the Cherry Ripe ice-cream is calories are cut in half at only 122 calories.

I've saved the best bit for last- look at how they fit into my 7 day meal plans:

Brownies & Cherry Ripe Meal Plan
Whip these snacks up in minutes and eat all week in my meal plans!

With these dark chocolate and berry snacks you can do more than satisfy the cravings you can enhance your cardio too.

At these servings sizes I have portion them out so you can whip up in minutes and snack all week in my meal plans.

In Summery

  • If you eat a burger, fires pizza and brownie that a whopping 2668 calories.
  • A McDonalds Burger & Half a Pizza Hut Pizza is 1900 calories alone.
  • All you need is 1800 calories per day to see muscle tone.
  • With my Meal Plans you can eat Burgers, Pizza, & Brownies with out blowing out the calories.
  • You don’t need to exercise for hours- all it takes is 20-minute to get results with my workouts & meal plans.

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Rapidly Boosting Fitness!

Put in your name & email & I'll teach you how to Double YOUR Fitness in 30 days!

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