How to: Eat Healthy, Workout & Plan a Wedding in 1 hour per Day!


Fitness Tips:

How to: Eat Healthy, Workout & Plan a Wedding in 1 hour per Day!

There is so much planning around your perfect wedding, not to mention those finer details that just keep coming as you move closer toward your big day.

Believe me, I've been in your shoes. Yes! I've been there before... just not in heels! It's a tough balance to achieve.
You want to eat healthy, but cooking becomes a timely chore... and you want to workout, but you can't fit everything in. It sounds familiar right? Well, the good news is, you can eat and exercise your way to your perfect wedding day body, in less than 1 hour per day!
Chances are you're pushed for time to even read this article, so I'll cut to the chase. Here are my fast tips:

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Eat Healthy

Cooking and eating healthy should never be a chore. Cooking for longer than 15-minutes on a week night is just out of the question.

So what if I told you that you can cook healthy meals, with the right amount of calories to get you your desired wedding day body, and stay on top of your planning? Well you can, and the best bit is it leaves you with leftovers for lunch the next day, so you can continue to eat healthy while at work and save for your honeymoon.
All my meals are prepped/cooked in 15-minutes, even the Sunday roasts are prepped and into the oven within 15-minutes so you can walk away for an at home or park workout and come back when its cooked! Leftovers from my roasts are transformed into meals like tasty subs and curries, cutting down your cooking time on weekdays.
They work for me, my family and all my clients to get the most efficient results.


10W2Fit Wedding Day Programs

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Gone are the workouts where you spend hours in the gym working out because this is simply inefficient and doesn't get you the best results. Plus, you're allocating additional time to wedding planning, so you don't have time to waste anyway.

Well guess what, you can successfully workout in 20-minutes per day to stay on top of your wedding day body. 20-minutes is completely doable, correct? In your lunch break, a run to your local park or even in the comfort of your own home after an exhausting day at the office and you can think about your wedding at the same time, if necessary!
All my workout are 20-minutes, for the gym, home, or park and you can couple them up to make up 40-minutes if your results are not coming quick enough. This is still under that 1 hour per day! Try one of my 20-minute workouts for your wedding day body transformation.

Bride & Groom Fat Burner
Bride & Groom Fat Burner

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Want to take the load off Planning

Right now you're doing enough planning for 10 people and this can become a little overwhelming! Let me take any extra burden off you in helping you achieve your perfect wedding body.

I've trialed, tested and planned out all your workouts and meals for you step-by-step up until your wedding day. All you have to do is login, hit the button for the day's workout or recipe and it will appear with the equipment and ingredients needed.
I'll then walk you through step-by-step so you achieve your perfect wedding day body, and get into the best shape of your life, taking all the thinking out of it for you. Just enjoy it! Try my workout and meal plans here.

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