Fitness Motivation

Think Big & the Results will be BIG!
When I Get Tired I think of Those Who Can't Workout, Then I keep Going!
To Achieve Fitness, two Things are Needed: a Goal & a Plan with not Quite Enough Time!
Satisfy more than Your Tastebuds!
Each Workout Gets Easier & Easier!
Teach someone fitness & they will be healthy for Life!
A Fitness Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish!
Fitness is Like Courage: Strengthen it Daily with Use!
Become a Fit Lean Sporting Machine
Your Results are Limitless
I Express Myself through My Workouts: They are My Art, My Passion, My Way of Life!
Forget what they teach you at School, Workout until you Fail!
Set Your Goals & Attach Them to Your Workout
Set Your Goals High
Don't Let Your Muscles Rot & Decay
What I like about Working Out the Most
20-minutes here & there all add up!
Aim to be the Best You Can Be!
I Knew ALL My Workouts Would Lead Me to Here!
Test Your Limits
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