Fitness Motivation

Life Wasn't Meant to be Lived Without Fitness
Forget About Yesterday’s Failures!
My Workouts are Works of Art
Test Your Upper Limits!
Test Your Limits
Get Your Body in Check for Movember
To Be Better Than Myself!
I don’t just want to live fitness!
Think Big & the Results will be BIG!
When I Get Tired I think of Those Who Can't Workout, Then I keep Going!
To Achieve Fitness, two Things are Needed: a Goal & a Plan with not Quite Enough Time!
Satisfy more than Your Tastebuds!
Each Workout Gets Easier & Easier!
Teach someone fitness & they will be healthy for Life!
A Fitness Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish!
Fitness is Like Courage: Strengthen it Daily with Use!
Become a Fit Lean Sporting Machine
Your Results are Limitless
I Express Myself through My Workouts: They are My Art, My Passion, My Way of Life!
Forget what they teach you at School, Workout until you Fail!
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