5 Tips to Fit into Your Dream Wedding Dress

Fitness Tips:

5 Tips to Fit into Your Dream Wedding Dress

Lets start this blog post with a question, so you can align your goals to my fitness tips as you read. So lets start with 'What is your perfect wedding dress?'

Now picture yourself in it, in perfect shape and all eyes on you on your wedding day.
Here are my big fitness tips to get fit, get strong and tone up and feel great as you walk down the isle in that dress:

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1. Start with a Bang

No I'm not talking about making a classic exit on the your wedding night I'm talking about making a big impact to your training early.

Big starts make big impacts to your fitness and big impacts to that wedding day wow factor. I am big believer in 'start how you intend to finish', in other words put as much emphasis on your goals early with your train as your are going to with that big bang finish in the last couple of weeks.
Starting a little earlier than expected will always making the biggest impact here, but any start with bang at any point with make an impact. Obviously the later you leave it the less impact you will have.

2. Set Your Goals

It truly is a case of what come first the dress or the fitness goal? So why have suggested you set your goals after you make start?

That's a great question. Sometimes you don't know what you want until you try it. This was the case with my wife and her wedding dress. The idea of what her perfect wedding dress deviated slightly as she started to look and tried on dresses until she found the perfect one for her.
This process took a few weeks to find the right fit. So starting your training early maybe even before you start the looking process will help shape and mould your goals and areas you may like to work on. So what idea of dress do have in mind and what you like to have when you walk down the isle?

3. Strength

The stronger your body is in the lead up to your wedding day the more muscle tone you will receive to look perfect in your dress.

Training the most visual muscles in your dress and the unseen muscles will give you over all strength so your goals come quicker. I will go through what to do in the next few points, but let me explain why strength is so import to your wedding day.
Strength training going to create more lean muscle tissue across your body which will raise your metabolism burning up too 2-3 times more calories and breaking down your fats stores daily. So when your looking for the type of training that will reach your goals look for strength training 2-3 times per week.

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4. Increase Fitness

Cardio training along with strength training is going to help you meet your goals 30% quicker. Strength training is only 20-30% of any holistic fitness program especially if these sessions are only 2-3 times per week.

Cardio training is what will bring the big fat and calorie burning to your train so that visual goal in your perfect dress. So if you have low cut back on your dress perfect cardio would be the rower or incorporate some swimming for upper body where possible. Keep in the back of your mind even if you are not a runner, running type cardio movements or a run a couple of times per week will bring you to your goals quickly.
So if strength is around 25-30%, cardio is around 25-30%, and 10% is rest and other factors of your training? What is the final 30%? This brings me to my next point, Eating Habits!

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5. Healthy Eating Habits

To go on full on diet before your wedding may end in disatser. You may not having enough carbohydrates to workout at a level to acheive your fitness goals and they may even go backwards. Also you may not have enough energy to concentrate on the final details of your wedding plans.

A good healthy diet is key here for your success along with your strength and cardio training. A mix of the right amount for fruits and vegetables to fuel your muscle with the correct portion control on your carbohydrates and a mixture of seafood and meat will bring you the ultimate fitness goals in your dress.
This is a time when you are maxed out on brain capacity planning your wedding, let me do all the thinking for you with the meals so you can just cook and eat your way to success. All my meal plan recipes take 15-minutes to cook with step-by-step photos and text so your success in the kitchen is guaranteed.

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