Fast Track your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back


Fitness Tips:

Fast Track your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

It's no secret that getting your pre-pregnancy body back takes some work, and it's also no secret that all your favourite magazines hit you each week with how a celebrity did it in just 2 weeks!

Well I would like to cut through the fluff, keep it realistic and give you the tips that worked best my clients, and for my wife. And just to put your minds at ease, no my wife does not work in the fitness industry, she works full-time, 60+ hours a week in the finance industry... not an industry that's naturally conducive to staying fit.
Come on, Fast track your results with these post pregnancy tips:

Please consult your doctor or leading care giver before embarking on any exercise post pregnancy.

Walk your way back to fitness!
Walk your way back to fitness!

1. Walk

Yes that's right, start with walking. You may have a goal to run, you may wish to conquer your first marathon post pregnancy because you're mow more empowered than ever... I love that! But, every marathon starts with a single step.

Walking is something you can easily achieve in or around the 6-week period post pregnancy, before you embark on a more set-structured exercise regime again. Walking will also work beautifully with taking it easy and building your activity level up.
I remember my wife's 1st active walk outdoors, 2 weeks after giving birth... She lasted 1km, which was great, but far from her 7-10km runs she was still enjoying 1 mth out from due date. This is because the body needs time to recover, and there are so many extra hormones flowing around the body.
Before long she was walking every day with the pram, up and around hills. Plus, walking provides great downtime, most of the time your baby will sleep and you get some fresh air & exercise. So remember, whether it's 100 meters or 1km, just start with a walk.


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2. Functional Exercise

Around the 6-week mark you'll get the 'all clear' from your doctor or leading care giver to start exercise slowly again. This is fantastic, because now you can start by slowly building up your strength again, while working out in the fat burning zone.

I suggest building up the muscles that are going to provide you with the most 'bang for your time' in cardio like, your legs and torso muscles. Functional body weight exercises are perfect for this and they can be performed at home while your baby sleeps.
Exercises like squats, lunges and push-ups are perfect. They wont overexert you but they'll aid in your overall recovery, strength and body repair post pregnancy. Also, don't forget exercises like towel rows for your upper back strength, tone, and posture to keep you injury free.
These exercises will be extra helpful now that you'll also be carrying your baby around.

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3. Time Build-up before Intensity

Build up on the amount of time you are exercising, for the 1st 1-2 months. Let's face it, nothing really goes to plan in the 1st 1-3 months post pregnancy so don't be too hard on yourself.

A slow build up of adding time to each workout on a weekly basis will provide enough intensity. If all is going well, my suggestion is to start with performing a 5-minute workout 3-5 times per week and adding 2-minutes each week for a month.
Before you know it, you'll be performing a 20-minute workout 3-5 times per week. This may sound like a slow start, but trust me when i say that 5-minutes are the baby steps I recommended to my wife and the many clients I trained through to post-pregnancy fitness success.
You too can fast track your recovery and fitness goals with a time build up.

Baby Nap Fat Burner
Baby Nap Fat Burner Workout

4. Intensity

Once you're completing a 15-20 minute workout, you're at the perfect place to start adding some intensity. This will increase your heart rate that little bit more, helping you achieve continued fitness, recovery and health post pregnancy.

I suggest continuing to perform your functional strength training workouts to keep building your strength and core up to pre-pregnancy levels. To increase intensity, you can add some more athletic-type movements to your training such as squat jumps, athletic lunges and also start some mild core training by adding some torso rotations to your squats and lunges.
Another one to try... Have you attempted a cardio workout yet? 20-minutes is the ultimate time to perform cardio exercise. Take a slow build up approach with one of my cardio workouts.
Maybe just complete the 1st set for the 1st week, then build up to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sets. Consistency is the key to working out with intensity, getting you looking and feeling fantastic in no time.

5. A Meal Plan

Quite an over-looked but very important part of the 'pre-pregnancy body back', fast track!

You're waking up multiple times a night and likely even breastfeeding, so you must fuel your body with the right nutrients to not only survive, but to thrive as a mum. Your baby is relying on you, so this will ensure your baby and the whole family thrive too.
A meal plan involving a healthy intake of all the right food groups and calories will help provide the right nutrients and energy. But a meal plan that provides quick and easy cooking is key!
I know, you don't have the time nor energy to fiddle around in the kitchen at the best of times.
That's why I focused on short-time, high-convenience, full-flavour as some of the key factors in creating my recipes and meal plans. My meal plan recipes are all prepared in 15-minutes a day, and they'll feed the whole family to fast track health and fitness for the whole family!
It's that simple even dad can cook it.
My family have been eating my meal plan recipes for years, through my wife's pregnancy, they fast tracked her to 'pre-pregnancy body back' and now our son is enjoying them everyday too.

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