8 Outstanding Spices That Will Make Your Metabolism Go Wild!

8 Outstanding Spices That Will Make Your Metabolism Go Wild!

You eat healthy, you cook your own meals, your building fitness -but your metabolism just isn't going wild?

What should you do?

I am going to show you 8 outstanding spices that will make your metabolism go wild while you sleep!

How Spices Work For Your Health & Fitness

Every burns calories at different rates - age weight and life style are all contributing factors.

There is no denying a fit healthy lifestyle is the best contributing factor.

One of the best short cuts to burning more calories than what you consume is being fit and adding spice to your foods.

But the benefits of spices go far beyond raising the metabolism.

They are also remedies to boost health to prevent many illnesses including:

  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Improve insulin sensitivity and glucose control.
  • Fight stress, free radical damage, and aging.
  • Protect against obesity and inflammatory diseases.
  • Counter viral, bacterial, and fungal attacks.

So let's take a look at some of these outstanding spices now:

8 Spices Outstanding Spices

Black Pepper

Let's kick off with a spice that really packs a punch on the metabolism.

Black pepper can stop the formation of new fat cells before they have a chance to grow, with it's 'super substance' called piperine.

Piperine can also help improve the release of other healthy substances in most herbs and spices.

It truly is a super spice and I use it in all my Recipes & Meal Plans.



Want to stop fat cell formation and eliminate blood cells that support their growth?

Fresh or ground Turmeric is the way to go.

Turmeric is great in most curries and is a perfect low-heat spice for reducing blood pressure and lowering the fat cells.

Cayenne & Chilli Powder

A little pinch of these spices goes a long long way!

One study showed that eating this spice for breakfast helped burn 51% more calories for that meal.

A little pinch of these spices will trigger a protein associated with decreasing body fat, shrinking fat cells and lowering blood fat levels.

Which is perfect if you're not a hot & spicy freak or if you're cook for children to scale back the heat levels.

Cinnamon & Cumin

Want to - increase your metabolism 20 times, decrease & regulate your blood sugar levels, decrease your risk of diabetes, lower your bad cholesterol and decrease stress?

Cinnamon is another super spice I love to cook with because of all these benefits.

Cumin also has properties that can decrease stress.

These spices quite often go together beautifully for a double metabolism hit!

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A beautiful spice that comes in many flavours and varying in heat.

They can increase your metabolism by up to 25% and burn more calories in the most efficient manor.

It has been shown that it can increase your calorie burn by an extra 45 calories per hour

Cardamon Pods

Cambodian Chicken Curry and Thai Red Pork Curry
Cambodian Chicken Curry and Thai Red Pork Curry are 2 of my 200 recipes on my nutritionally balanced meal plans that use outstanding spices.

Go beautifully in a curry for lovely Indian style flavours.

They can help increase your metabolism, your ability to burn fat and they even have some healing properties.

Add Spice & Get Fit While You Sleep

As you can see from the above there is only upside to adding spice to to your diet.

Spices will rapidly boost your metabolism.

There is only one question...how much do you add?

We have all tried to add a little spice to homemade meal and it just didn't taste right.

Or your favourite take out curry and tired cooking it at home only for it to go horribly wrong.

I have full proof plan for you...

I have done all the research, testing and nutrition for you with my step-by-step meal plans.

Even as a beginner you will crush it at your favourtie curry in the kitchen.

You will never have to think I have got those spice levels right again.

Couple up a meal plan with spice and a fitness program and your metabolism will go wild!

Get Fit While You Sleep

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Rapidly Boosting Fitness!

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