7 Reasons to Train Online


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7 Reasons to Train Online

Yes it is exactly as the heading suggests, I am going to tell you all about the reasons of why online training is better for you right now and the best way to fast track your fitness results!

Look at it this way - no one would have believed the internet would be where it is today when it was 1st launched to the world in the 90's. Now you can even get a university degree, or profession of your choice online.
So why is personal training still driven by face to face time?
Here are the frequent responses I receive when I say I am an 'online fitness trainer' and my answers to these statements.

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But I'm not Motivated Enough to do it by Myself

This would have to be the top response when I have been asked what I do. I give my pitch of all my products and their benefits, then I ask if that would be something you're interested in.

The answer's, "yes indeed", but 9x out of 10 the response is followed by "I'm not motivated enough!" I then dive a little deeper, we walk through your goals, because without goals and a clear cut plan, fitness plans are destined to fail. I ask how many times you're likely to train and afford a trainer's one-on-one guidance? The response is usually 1-3 times a week.
The question from here is, so what are you going to do for the 75% of the week you're not with a trainer? The response, yes you guessed it, "Well, whatever my trainer sets for me". So that just answers the question in itself. You are motivated enough!
Once you have set your goals and you have a plan to achieve these goals, you will be performing around 75% of the training via a program, by yourself. Don't underestimate yourself. You can do this. Come on, let's set your goals now and perform 100% of your clear cut program online together. I'm there with you online every exercise and every step of the way.

For Less than a Coffee per week you will get Skinny Jean, Shirt Off Confident

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I need to train in a Group and/or with Friends

This is the second highest response to online training and totally understandable! I was in athletics before commencing in the gym, and I still am today. The sessions with friends and training partners are so much fun.

That's why I built my app, workout plans and meal plans based on this theory, that you are absolutely more motivated when you train with friends and they share the same meal plans as you (full flavoured of course).
I've made my workout plans for 1-5 people on every workout so that you can train with a friend and even workout in a group, bouncing the fun of these sessions off each other, motivating each other to achieve your group and individual fitness goals.
Post training they may like to hang around and share a meal from my various meal plans available to you, as I've also made them to cater for couples, groups and the whole family (via the adjustable serving size numbers available of course).


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I need Your Support to step outside my Comfort Zone

I totally understand, there is a fear of the unknown. Put it this way, I'm an extremely motivated person, but I wouldn't go bungee jumping off the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge unless someone was there with me for support.

It's humanly natural to think, 'what is going to happen to me if I push a little harder than what I did last week or last session?' You do need someone there with you every step of the way guiding you, helping you to do your best and motivating you.
That's why I have set up my app and 10-weeks-2-Fit challenge support this way. In particular, it comes back to your goals, which we rehash and reset in less than 1-minute every session to help you focus in on your workout. Then, I mentor, motivate and inspire you step-by-step with photos, hints, tips and video tutorials every step of the way, so you know exactly what you are doing and your results come quicker.

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But Music Motivates Me to Workout Harder

Perfect! With a pair of earphones or even sub-woofers, staying motivated in my workouts just got 100% easier.

Login to my workout programs, plug in, or Bluetooth your ear phones and listen to your favourite music, not anyone elses at your local gym. Even better, get your music blaring at home and be 100% motivated, rocking on out to your own better beats and best results!

I just can't Afford a Trainer

I know how you feel! The reason why I stared my app & 10-weeks-2-Fit Challenge was because of rising global obesity levels and falling disposable income levels.

I wanted to make fitness affordable for everyone, even those on welfare. Because when you're fit, you're more motivated, living a higher quality of life and far more likely to achieve your life goals which makes the world a better place.
Given all this, I've made my app & 10-weeks-2-Fit Challenge as affordable as a coffee a week. Yes that's right, expert advice, training programs and meal plans for around $5 per week.
This way the whole family can get involved from teens to adults and even cook all my meals so your results come quicker. Why not start now?



It's always a big factor with a trainer, gym class and/or work commitments. This is the number 1 reason for cancellations in one-on-one personal training sessions or low numbers in group fitness classes.

That's why I developed 20-minute workouts on my app and workout plans. My workouts are intense enough, with beginner to advanced options to get a great workout, before work, at lunchtime or after work, and they can be performed anywhere anytime.
So, you no longer have to think whether you're going to make it to your session, or risk being late back to work fitting into someone else's schedule and at worst missing your workout and wasting money on cancellation fees. Your workout can now easily and safely fit into your own schedule. As it should!
Fit your 20-minute workout into your daily routine, whether at the gym, park or at home to gain the best fitness results you've ever achieved. Even better, on days you have a little more time, couple up my 20-minute workouts so your goals come quicker.

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I don't Cook

I hear this one now and then from people. I'm always rather intrigued by this statement and ask whether they're happy how their meal plan is aligning them with their fitness goals (not to mention financial goals but we'll leave that one for another day).

The answer is usually no, but understandably these people are fearful of going outside of their comfort zone, by stepping into the kitchen.
What If I told you that in 1 week I could have you running around the kitchen cooking meals for 4 or more people, full of flavour, 100% fresh and healthy, in less than 15-mintues they'd suit your goals!
Would you be in? I bet you would be.
I assure you, it is possible! I've converted the most anti-cooking... anti-kitchen people. Let me work with you today, to turn around your meal plans for the better, step-by-step in the kitchen with photos, hits and tips so you can conveniently whip up healthy, tasty meals in no time.

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