7 Day Meal Plan for Big Fitness Results this Year


Fitness Tips:

7 Day Meal Plan for Big Fitness Results this Year

Are you planning a big year in Fitness kicking your goals each week? Well it is no secret that Meal Plans are a big part of fitness.

But there are so many meal plans out there, that it's hard to work out what's best for results.
I'm going to cut through all the rubbish and point you in the right direction, with these 5 tips to get you on track for great results:

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7 Day Meal Plan

There are so many meal plans out there that claim to get results in 3 days, or 5 days which is a very aggressive and mostly an unrealistic approach. Let's be realistic, do you want results in 3 days which are so aggressive that you can easily go back to where you started, 3 days later?

The 1st thing I look for in any meal plan is that it spans over at least 7 days. I find this a much more realistic approach that helps you plan your weekly meals, shop and target your training, weight & fitness goals perfectly across the whole week.


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Calories & Nutrition:

Again you're not after a super aggressive approach here. There are so many fast fad diets out there that claim to be the latest and greatest. Some of which even push the unrealistic barrier of a mere 1300 calories per day.

Sure you will get results fast but you will enter the starvation zone and lose your results just as quick, when you revert back after 2 days because such a meal plan is simply unsustainable!
What you're looking for is a good, healthy diet that comes in around 1600-1800 calories per day, with a balanced combination of good fats and protein for muscular recovery and brain function. This will help you keep functioning at a healthy level while training, working and running a household all at the same time!

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Bored of Meat and Veg Flash Diets

I have never met someone who actually likes the same, plain meal everyday, every meal, week in week out. If they say that they do, they probably told you with all the enthusiasm of a wet paper bag because they are completely bored.

Most diets I see pushed through the fitness industry is exactly this and trainers wonder why their client's results come and go. I wouldn't even feed those boring, blanched diets with no flavour to my dog! Look for a meal plan that covers all the food groups across multiple cuisines so you add flavour, spice and multiple nutrients for your body and muscles. This way they'll keep you excited about cooking and excited at sticking with the meal plan, so your results come quicker.
Remember, just because it tastes great, doesn't mean it's unhealthy!

E-Book vs Apps:

I can't believe that the fitness industry still delivers their meal plans via e-books. Didn't e-books go our with dial up internet and analog TV? E-books are as good as carrying a hardcover cook book through the isles of the super market and expecting to be efficient at shopping while collating multiple recipes.

What I look for in a meal plan is something that is super functional and at your finger tips like Apps on your phone. It should generate your shopping list for the whole week and collate the list into food groups per isle, so you can cross off each ingredient as you shop. Or even better, collate a shopping list to send to your local provider such that it can be delivered to your door step.
I look to cut that unnecessary step of 'thinking' about what to eat out for my client's daily demands and deliver meal plans that are super efficient and functional, so you can focus your time and energy into your training, and your family and relationships.

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