6 Slim Sexy Bride Tips


Fitness Tips:

6 Slim Sexy Bride Tips

I have trained hundreds of 'brides to be' and it has been every brides dream to have a slim, sexy body for their wedding day photos, that will last a lifetime.

Here are my 6 fast tips that will start working immediately:

Cardio to Slim

Cardio is the shortest and fastest way to get that sexy, slim bride's body for the perfect photos to last a life time. A regular, set structured cardio program, with a good mix of moderate and high intensity, body weight exercises such as running and athletic type movements are perfect.


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Beat the Chip Cravings

We all know chips are high-fat foods and that they're not that good for us....but they taste soooo good! Chances are if you're craving chips, you're craving fats and there is a way to beat these cravings.

Go for foods high in omega 3 fatty acids like avocados, nuts, or fish. These are great 'brain foods' for concentration in planning your wedding, as well as being perfect for muscle recovery and tone while training towards your slim, sexy body.

Mexi Beef Burger with Salsa & Guacamole
Mexi Beef Burger with Salsa & Guacamole

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Sexy Back Tips

Forget about specifically training your arms. Any back exercise will tone your arms, while toning your back muscles, killing 2 birds with the one stone. And lets face it, time's of the essence when you're planning a wedding!

Go for exercises like chin-ups, pull downs and rows or even these towel rows at home. A sexy toned back will give you great posture, toned arms and leave you looking sexy in a low cut, backless dress.

Dried Fruit Toasted Muesli

Beat the Calories with these Foods

Foods that are low Gi (low glycemic index) are the best foods to beat the calorie carvings. These foods are lower in sugar and release energy slower, so you get less of a 'hypo' fast-hit of energy from high-sugar foods.

Instead you'll have energy for longer to beat the calorie cravings. Foods like oats, quinoa and basmatti rice are perfect.

Sexy Stomach Tips

It doesn't take 100's of crunches per day to get your sexy, slim bride's stomach. Performing a mix of cardio exercises that work the stomach at the same time as other major muscle groups will slim your stomach and burn the belly fat fast.

Exercises like sprints, athletic stair climbs, block starts and crunches are perfect.

Block Starts

Treat Yourself with the Right Treats

Everyone has carvings and that is totally natural when you're training hard to reach your goals. How we fuel these cravings is what counts. Did you know it's ok to eat chocolate and still keep the calories low?

Dark chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa is a perfect sweet treat. It's also a great stimulant similar to coffee and has big antioxidant levels which research has shown, benefits your cardio training.

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