5 Fitness Tips & Tricks

Fitness Tips:

5 Fitness Tips & Tricks

"Give someone a workout & they will be fit for a day. Teach someone fitness & they will be healthy for Life!"

  • I will teach you fitness with step-by step workouts & recipes
  • I will give you realistic, beginner to advanced support, hints & tips
  • I will walk you through weekly workouts & meal plans
  • We will reach YOUR goals & track your fitness progress together!
When I first started personal training, I would give my clients what I believed was the best 1 hour workout of their life, around 2-3 times per week then they would go and do what they felt was best for the rest of the week. I was wondering why my clients where not getting results?!
I know what your thinking where is the guidance for the rest of the week? Where is the meal plans and other workouts? Then I had had that exact 'light bulb moment too'.
Now I live by the above quote and now I am going to teach, mentor and educate you all about fitness for a healthy lifestyle as your very own fitness whisper every session, every meal:

1. Step-By-Step Fitness Guide

  • I will teach you fitness with step-by step workouts & recipes
  • Each workout & recipe has step-by-step photos, instructional text, and equipment & ingredients lists
  • I give you realistic, beginner to advanced workout options
  • I will educate, mentor and inspire you every step on the way!
Firstly, if I am truly going to be your own 'fitness whisperer' you would want me there every step of the way right? You got it! As I progressed through the years with personal training I realised it was one thing to set the workouts outside my sessions, verbally tell my clients and write down the sessions for them and another for them to remember.
But I figured out if I am not there for you to guild you step-by-step, educate and mentor you every session all those good intentions from myself and the client fall out the window. I know what your thinking who can afford a personal trainer & expert fitness training & advice 7 days a week? The answers is less than 1% of the population so that's is why I progressed to where my training is today.
Workouts and recipes with step-by-step photos, instructional text, and equipment & ingredients lists to make it super easy for you to know exactly what your doing each and every workout with no expience in the gym or kitchen needed. It's like I am there with you every workout whispering fitness to you every step of the way!

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2. Support, Hints, Tips

  • I will teach you fitness with realistic, beginner to advanced fitness support
  • Each workout & recipe has step-by-step videos, photos hints & tips
  • I give you daily & weekly hints, tips & support
  • I am at YOUR disposal 24/7!

Again when I first started, I would try and download all the knowledge I had onto a client in the first few sessions. Then I would wonder why only 10% would sink in. Then I started to think what if I had my hints and tips on hand easily accessible so the client could review it when they where ready as part of the education process?

If I am truly going to guide my clients and yourself included to the best results I have to be there 24/7 with handy hints, tips and tricks. When I first stated writing down all the exercises I could think of from my experience, (all 1054 0f them on last count), I really did open up can can of worms! That's a lot of photos and text and it took me the best part of 2 years to get all those down on paper. Man am I glad I did though.
The reason why I started this process was to really guide everyone into fitness and create expert advice affordable to everyone, with all the little hints, tips and tricks from anything like how to perform a warm-up, push-up, cool down, to some super functional exercises and equipment like the power ropes.
You name I have got it now at your disposal so I can add to your fitness journey and education as your own 'fitness whisperer'. Check out this video and others on my apps so you gain the best fitness knowledge and support.

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4. Workout Plans

  • I do ALL the thinking for You!
  • I walk you through step-by-step workouts and realistic weekly programs
  • I give you the time & energy to focus on YOUR goals
Who likes thinking when it comes to exercises and workouts? Who likes planing out what comes next and thinking of that instead of devoting 100% of the energy you have towards your goals? I certainly don't!
I want to come in for a workout complete good warm-up that I know gets me ready then I want the workout handed to me, so I don't have to think about anything but completing the task. Then once the workouts complete head off for a cool down and hit showers. Does that sound like you?
'A fitness goal without a plan is just a wish!'
I want all your fitness dreams to come true so I developed daily step-by-step workout plans with beginner to advanced options so that you can workout anywhere, anytime. Be it- At Home Body Weight, At Home Equipment, Gym, Park/Backyard Body Weight, Backyard/Park Equipment, or Fun Run programs I have 10 week programs to suit where ever you need to workout.
This takes the whole thinking process out so all your focus is on you goals, with a plan.

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4. Meal Plans

"A meal without a plan, just satisfies the taste buds"

  • These meals are so quick, easy & tasty you don’t need any experience
  • I walk you through step-by-step recipes and realistic meal plans
  • I leave you or the family plenty of leftovers
  • I give you with healthy options of all your favourtie foods!
Again when I first started as a trainer I would download all the nutritional information I had, hard and fast, and repeat, repeat, repeat what is great for results in the first couple of sessions with a client, then wonder why it wasn't landing right with my clients. Gee I may not have even trained with myself in those early days!
Then I came to this light bulb moment 'A meal without a plan, just satisfies the taste buds!' then everything clicked. I stated adding step-by-step meal plans with healthy options, healthy calories and nutrition to fuel the muscle to the best results. I thought long and hard about what was the real down fall in my clients success and I came up with the conclusion, that there where so many option of cuisines out there but not many with a healthy full flavour choice.
So I developed meal plans with everyone's taste buds in mind, so they could enjoy their favourite cuisines all week with no experience needed in the kitchen to start and cook successfully. Then repeat the recipes and meal plans a couple times across a 10 week challenge so there was familiarity with these simple easy to follow recipes.

5. Goals & Fitness Tracking

  • You have set your goals, Now I walk you through step-by-step to acheive YOUR goals
  • We track your goals with calories in & out, weight gain & loss, and amazing before & after photos
  • YOU will acheive YOUR goals in 10 weeks or less!
The final element of 'fitness whispering' is goals and tracking them to success. I always map out a clients goals on their first session (nothing new there), but then I gain an idea of where they are most likely to train and map out a full 10 week fitness & nutrition plan to best suit their goals with measurable success.
Now that's all well and good in theory but we both know life changes from week to week and how we approach our training and goals do as well. So this is where a daily calories burnt, and daily calories consumed helps map out what is happening across a whole week ending up with a weekly weight in. No body likes doing this, gee I don't either, but measurable tracking and small win goals add to the big picture and big goal wins.
No body wants to get to the end of a fitness challenge and only having one weigh in and go where did I go wrong? Where I found the best results happen for weight loss and fitness goals is a before & after photo.
No body likes the before photos, but its almost a 100% guarantee you'll love putting your after challenge photo next to it once you are finished. I know these steps sound really easy and it really is this simple with weekly tracking to map your way to fitness success. Remember 'A Fitness Goal without a plan is just a wish!'


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