5 Ways to Hit Christmas Fit & Running!


Fitness Tips:

5 Ways to Hit Christmas Fit & Running!

Running is still the quickest and most efficient way to get fit and lean. It is also one of the easiest ways to get fit.

Simply head out the front door at a moments notice for a workout over the Christmas break for an effective and quick workout.
Here are 5 ways to make your runs at Christmas fit for you:

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Just Get Up Off the Couch

It is so easy to glue yourself to the couch over the Christmas break and that's understandable - it's been a busy year, you're tired and the excess food consumption over the festive season naturally makes you feel drowsy.

But the best way to beat the tired, drowsy 'you', is to just get up off the couch and go for a run. Trust me, you will feel revitalised with endorphins, and you'll start detoxing from a stressful year at work, feeling more awake and alert to engage with your family and friends.

Luke Heath:

10W2Fit Program Creator

I was super uncoordinated and had learning difficulties as a child due to a head injury. That’s why I started exercise. I was a super skinny 60kg teenager, that’s why I started at the gym. I was an overweight adult and that why I started these programs to help people just like YOU find their Skinny Jean, Shirt Off Confidence!

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Mix Up the Pace

Kick start your metabolism for fast fitness results by mixing up the pace. A quick, easy session to implement this strategy from home is: jog to the 1st telegraph pole and pace/sprint to the next, then repeat. Once you repeat this 4-5 times it'll be time to head back home.

So easy...so short, so fast, so effective.

Local Park Sprints
Local Park Sprints

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Mix up the Terrain

I hear it all the time, "running is boring". Well yes, it definitely can be if you turn up for the same route, and same session every day. Mix up your terrain to add some adventure - run on grass at your local oval, get onto any trail runs that you may have close by and mix in road running as well.

You can also mix up the terrain by running your favourite routes the opposite direction, every second run and maybe even throw in some extra hills.

1 Legged Squats
1 Legged Squats

Got Strength then You've got the Knees

I hear it all the time, "I can't run Luke, because of my knees". This may be the case, but my 1st question in response is, "what strength work are you doing daily for you knees?". Typically the answer is none.

In my experience there is usually a fairly quick, easy fix to most fitness hurdles. My biggest suggestion to this hurdle, is to do some specific running-strength work in the ad-breaks while you're watching TV, so you have the knees to run anywhere.
Lunges, planks and 1-legged squats are perfect for strong runner's knees and core.

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