5 Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals Fast this Year


Fitness Tips:

5 Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals Fast this Year

The new year just ticked over and everyone just got crazy over new years fitness resolutions again. Everyone is looking for the right program to suit their fitness needs and busy lifestyle.

Here are my big 5 tips on what you should be looking for this year to reach those goals of yours fast:

Dynamic Dumbbell Curl
Dynamic Dumbbell Curl

Functional over Static Movements

Gone are the days of spending hours in the gym training one muscle group in isolated movements to get fitness results. The world just got faster and super functional, which is fantastic! Functional training is what you should be looking for in any workout, for fast fitness results this year.

These are exercises that involve working multiple muscle groups, across multiple joints and are typically achieved through a good mix of strength and cardio. This type of training is super efficient and will deliver results super fast, which will suit your busy lifestyle.


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Strength & Cardio

Strong muscles are a great start to any muscle tone and any fitness program. But strength will only take you so far and may not tick off every fitness goal you have this year.

My suggestion is to perform a great mix of strength and cardio to burn body fat fast and bring you to your toning fitness goals in the 1st quarter of the year. So for 3/4's of the year you're feeling and looking great, not to mention bombarded with comments on how great you look!
Again, functional movements with a great mix of strength and cardio is the way to go here.

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20-minute Barrier:

Because functional movements are so time efficient, you don't have to spend hours training to reach your goals. Start with a 20-minute continuous workout with a great mix of functional movements, strength and cardio then see how your muscles feel the next day.

These types of workouts will get your heart pumping, and they'll strengthen your muscles for tone while you're training at that beautiful fat burning zone. Trust me, your result will come fast by training at the right zone, for the right amount of time.

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Apps over E-books

I've said it before but I'll say it again- I can't believe that the fitness industry still delivers their workout plans via e-books. E-books are super old school, and have no functionality to be tailored to your personal fitness level and needs.

They are as good as carrying a hard copy of a 'general training guidelines' book to the gym or local park as a guide to train with.
What you should be looking for is an App to train with that easily personalises your workouts to suit your fitness level. I'd also be looking for an app that adjusts your reps and collates your weekly workouts and equipment (if any are needed) at the touch of a button, for your fitness level, taking all the unnecessary thinking out of your workout so you can focus your energy on smashing and pumping out your workouts.

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