5 Secrets to Your Spring Time Body

5 Secrets to Your Spring Time Body

Fitness Tips:

5 Secrets to Your Spring Time Body

Here are my 5 fast fitness tips on all the frequently asked spring time training questions:

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1. Strength Training Secrets

I get asked all the time "won't weights bulk me up?" When it comes to weight loss or getting toned, strength training is still the most underrated component of any training program.

Strength will give your muscles the endurance they need to push out your cardio sessions at a higher heart rate easily. The higher your heart rate in any cardio session, the faster you'll burn calories and fats.


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2. Coupling Up Cardio

Strength and cardio go together like your favourite gym shoes and socks. You can’t have one without the other or it just doesn’t feel right!

A mix of strength and cardio over the next 10 weeks will get you into that beautiful fat burning & calorie burning zone where you will see your result come quick. Want me to do all the thinking for you and walk you through setp-by-step to conquer your goals?

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3. Consistency is the Key to Success

When life takes over fitness falls away, that's why fitness needs to be a way of life. Consistency is the key to results here.

Maybe you've dropped a few sessions over winter? With the weather warming up and days getting long, now's the time to focus on consistency.
The quickest way to drop a few kilos is to be consistent with your training.

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4. Minimise to Maximise Results

Sometime we just need to do the minimum to get the maximum results. Healthy adults between the ages of 18-65 should be exercising 20-minutes a day at moderate intensity (Heart rate: 120bpm-150bpm).

If you are not clocking in daily yet start with the above minimum guidelines, with a mix of strength & cardio. If you would like to see your results come quicker go above this minimum intensity or time guideline.

5. Give it Time

There is no overnight success with fitness.

Every other personal trainer right now is going to say "I can get that off you in a week" or "all it takes is 1 month" or "6 weeks on my program will get you there." Sure it may, BUT you would have to be the world's best athlete or quit your job to achieve this and even then it would be an unpleasant, uphill battle with no time for failure.
Give it time. Ten weeks is a realistic time frame for any goal worthwhile achieving.

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