5 reasons a Meal Without a Plan will only Satisfy your Tastebuds!

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5 reasons a Meal Without a Plan will only Satisfy your Tastebuds!

Ever finish dinner and go I want something sweet? Then go and have a big piece of cake.

Or I feel like something salty and then go an eat a packet of potato chips? Sound familiar?
Ever wonder why you go for snacks in between meals or over indulge in your favourite meal with out any reason apart from just wanting to satisfying your tastebuds?
I am going to list out 5 reasons a Meal with purpose and a little bit of planning ahead will do more than just satisfy a craving:

Healthy Cheese Burgers with Kickin' Homemade Relish

Comfort Food

Is called comfort food because it it is feels so comforting to eat and satisfies more than just your tastebuds. It can even cover emotions. This is why a lot of people can find themselves over indulging on comfort food such as burgers, toasties, pies, pizza and various sweets and treats like brownies and cheese cake.

These cravings can happen and quite often do in a fitness kick because: 1- in almost all fitness kicks these foods are a no go zone and 2- in just about all fitness challenges they get replaced with grilled chicken and lettuce leaves (I don't know how anyone could go for a fitness kick on that!)!
So when you cut out these favourite tastes and up the daily fat burning this is why you'll find yourself at the local take out store over indulging. So it brings me to the question of why is 'comfort food' a no go zone in fitness challenges? Usually these meals come with a high price of fats and carbohydrates, either through fats or sugars not the low GI versions which will fuel your muscles, fill your stomach and satisfy your cravings longer. These are the foods I find my clients go for the most when they start training with me and no matter how much I try and convince them not to there is nothing I can do to stop it!
So, what if I told you could still indulge in your favourite 'comfort foods', with full flavour, full satisfaction on the stomach and cravings and start a fitness challenge? Would you be in? Of course you would!
This is exactly why I created my 'Comfort Food' meal plans and why every fitness challenge starts with these favourite foods. Healthy choices here is the key and little tricks like replacing sour cream with natural yoghurt for the same texture or adding spices to grilled chicken in a club sandwich and portion control will make a comfort food meal healthy and portion controlled and even more satisfying.

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Italian Favourites

Go to any Italian restaurant or order take out and it is so easy to over indulge isn't it? Or even pizza, a Friday night favourite, and there are some many types and sizes so easy to blow out the calories their too. Then there is pasta it's hard to know how much is a good portion control with your extra training so you fuel your muscles but keep your goals in mind.

Now don't ask my why carbs, such as pasta goes completely into the no go zone for fitness challenges. It is not uncommon in a fitness challenge to want too over indulge on the carbs because of the higher carbohydrate burn with the increased training, but cutting them out all together to reach your goals is just ludicrous!
A little forward planning here, with right portion controls and Italian foods are back in for fitness challenges and health kicks. Italian has so much flavour that just bursts onto the taste buds and most of them are so nutritious.
With a few little tweaks to hold the bad fats and keep the flavor like replacing pine nuts with blanched almonds in pesto pastes in your healthy Italian Meals will bring you fitness success.

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Cambodian Coconut Fish Curry with Spinach Leaves

Asian & Curries

These are a super popular choice for a quick easy meal out or ordering take out. The spices are full of flavour and so healthy for your metabolism.

Where the calories on these meals blow out is the cheaper cuts of meat with a higher fat content, the coconut creams or portions of rice for carbs. All in all they are fantastic meals that satisfy a multitude of cravings on the tastebuds and stomach.
But with a few slight tweaks and a few tricks in the kitchen with my simple, easy to follow recipes 9where there is no experiences needed for success in the kitchen), you can get the portions right, flavours fantastic, level out the right amount of spice for the tastebauds and for the metabolism and curb the fats.
A simple little trick is to use light coconut milk over coconut cream and it will cut the carbs and fat in half and hold the flavours. Learn these tricks and more with my 'Asian & Curry Week' meal plans taken from recipes I've learned from cooking classes all across Asia, even a class with former Cambodian Khmer (kings) chef of choice.

Super Hearty Lamb Souvlaki

Mediterranean & European Flavourites

Think fish, think olives, think flavour, think of a lot of European classic foods that could quite easily fit into comfort foods like Macaroni & cheese, Falafel Burgers with Hummus, or a good old Lamb Souvlaki.

A Mediterranean diet is considered one of the most healthiest diets in the world and will not only satisfy the tastebuds but also fuel your body to a fit healthy lifestyle. But some of the above mentioned foods like your local take out Souvlaki will definitely tip the scale on the fats into the unhealthy range.
But if the portions of ingredients are curbed to keep the flaours like portions of tahini in homemade hummus these foods will be back in your healthy meal plans with and amazing healthy lifestyle purpose.


This cuisine really gets a bad wrap on the health food scale and it's not surprising when your local takeout keeps serving a 'Mexican Seafood Pizza'. Now that combination is so confused in its own cuisine origin its no wonder your stomach gets confused the next day after eating it!

But Mexican is actually quite healthy cuisine with an amazing amount of healthy spices to raise the metabolism and great veggies to feed the nutrients your muscles need. I am actually surprised it doesn't rate on the health choice foods scale higher (excluding your local take out here of course).
So the major thing Mexican that will tips the scales into the unhealthy zone is portions control or healthy full flavoured alternatives. Like swapping the sour cream to cool the states buds with natural yoghurt to hold the fats and receive the same plate texture with the same tongue cooling outcome. Or holding the second avocado in the guacamole, avocodos are high in omega 3 fatty acids, but you don't need much to receive your daily portion before blowing out the fats and calories in guacamole.
Learn these healthy portion tricks, to hold the fats, keep the flavours and satisfy the Mexican tastebud cravings in my meals plans or on my easy to follow step-by-step Mexican recipes.

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