5 Cuisines You Overlooked That Will Skyrocket Your Fitness

5 Cuisines You Overlooked That Will Skyrocket Your Fitness!

New and innovative meal plans aren't always the best ones to go after because they usually aren't proven yet.

Or even worse an over complicated fad diet or protein shake plan!

Sometimes it's the old faithful, real food cuisines that you need to be eating.

So in the spirit of old faithful and real food, here are 5 cuisine ideas that are dead simple that you aren't leveraging.

Test them out, you'll quickly find that they will boost your fitness.

#1: Comfort Food

When it comes to fitness meal plans Comfort Food it is the first thing I think of...Why?

Who doesn't like a roast, brownie or burger...in fact 550 million Big Macs are sold every year in America alone.

So why not meet your fitness where your diet is already at with a healthier version.

I have mentioned before that McDonlads Burger will blow out the calories and lamb roast is one of fattiest meats.

In other blogs I covered the stats on healthy diet and calorie consumption should be 1600-1800 calories per day.

So let's look at how we can make comfort food work with a few simple tactics:

Steak & Pepper Pie and Brownie Recipes
Full flavoured steak & pepper pie for only 381 calories and brownies for as little as 145 calories.

It real simple to cut back the calories on pie and keep the flavour and crunch...Replace the pastry with baked potato mash then a pie in at only 381 calories.

At 145 calories this brownie is 1/3 of the calories of star bucks brownie by cutting the sugar and replacing it with natural sweeteners such as honey and raspberries.

Lamb Roast and Beef Burger Recipes
A lamb roast that has 6 servings for only 547 calories, and these beef burgers are only 501 calories

A lamb roast with all the trimmings for only 547 calories and a beef burger for 501 calories is almost half the calories of some McDonald's Burgers.

Now this where the real magic happens when I place all these recipes into with my comfort food meal plans:

Comfort Food meal plan
A Comfort Food meal plan with lamb roast, burgers, pies and brownies for only 1700 calories per day.

Yes that right..you can eat a Lamb Roast (with leftovers), Burgers, Steak & Pepper Pie and brownies all week for only 1661-1751 calories per day.

Those daily calories include- breakfast, coffee, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert every day...how cool is that!

With a moderate level of exercise you can have comfort and acheive your big fitness goals.

#2: Italian

I immediately think pasta, pizza, high fat saucey meals and high sugar sorbet deserts.

Realistic Carb portions often get confused with fad diets and get portioned of the plate...but it doesn't have to be that way!

In other blogs I've mentioned how you can cut back the calories on pizza.

Today I wish to focus on a few simple tactics to pasta dishes and sorbet desserts to make them nutritious for muscle tone.

Check out these recipes:

Italian Pasta Recipes
Beef Lasagna at only 421 calories and Chicken Cacciatore at 525 calories

Beef mince can be quite high in calories...swap in with lean beef mince and potion size the pasta and sauce this lasagna is only 421 calories.

Chicken Cacciatore is always saucy and high in calories, but if the pasta, sauce and olives are portioned correctly for flavour it can be cut back to only 525 calories.

I know what your thinking I could never eat a meal that size...

Then check this out for whole days worth of calories in my Italian weeks:

Itaial Meal Plan
Lasagna, Cacciatore, Caesar Salad and Sorbet all week for no more than 1700 calories!

Yes that's right...when the sugar is cut back in strawberry sorbet and replaced natural fruit you can whip it up in 2-minutes only 75 calories per serve.

Again breakfast, coffee, snack, Lasagna, snack, Chicken Cacciatore and sorbet dessert for only 1526-1706 calories all week.

You can acheive your fitness goals with my Italian week meal plans.

#3: Curries

You know I'm massive fan of adding spice to your cooking to increase your metabolism.

When ordering take out rice is cheap and it's how they make their profit by filling up the plate with cheap ingredients.

Also the calories in most sauces and take out portion sizes is out of control.

Curries can be made from scratch and calorie controlled in less than 15-minutes if you apply these simple tactics:

Asian Curry Recipes
Both these curries a whipped up in under 15-minutes with less 500 calories

By simply replacing coconut milk with light coconut milk will cut back the calories by 50 per serving to 4 people on a 400ml tin...that's huge!

By whizzing up the sauces in food processor in seconds, filling up the place with fresh veggies and less rice is a massive saver on calories.

Check out the above satay chicken recipe...not bad for only 497 calories considering the sauce is made from peanut butter.

Now let's look what happens when I do all the thinking and place these curries into my meal plans:

Asian Meal Plan Calories
Enjoy raising your metabolism with curries all week for only 1550-1700 calories with a dessert.

All meals including - breakfast, coffee, snack, Thai Red Pork Curry with rice, snack, Chicken Satay Stir Fry and coconut dessert comes out at only 1553-1711 calories all week

Crazy hey...raise your metabolism and increase your fitness with a curry week meal plan.

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#4: Mediterranean

A Mediterranean diet is one of world healthiest diets.

Crazy hey when it's made up olives, feta cheese, pizza, and oils...all of which can be high in calories.

So lets look at a few tactics on how to cut back the calories and eat amazingly healthy:

Mediterranean Recipes
Spanish Roast Chicken serves 6 with leftovers for only 435 calories and Greek Stuffed Pittas at only 404 calories

I've said it before and I'll say it again...A little spice goes long way.

You don't need loads of oil to make a Spanish Roast Chicken tasty and crispy.

Here I've cut back the calories and let the spice do the flavor work and a little lemon juice makes chicken skin go crispy.

A little dressing goes long way in a Greek Salad so you can cut back calories with less olives and feta cheese.

Check out how all these meals and more fit into a meal plans with perfect calories:

Mediteranean Meal Plan
With the right spice and portion tactics Mediterranean meal plans are one of world healthiest diets for fitness

Again this meal plan comes through with daily calories of only 1520-1740 even with a souffle dessert thrown in.

Pretty amazing considering all the main meals are 400-500 calories...try them for yourself here.

#4: Mexican

If your meal plan doesn't have Nachos, Burritos and Guacamole your missing out.

But we all know fatty meats, cheesy chips and even though avocado is healthy it's quite high in calories.

So how do we make it work?

Look at these my recipes and I'll share a few tactics so you can nail Mexican:

Mexican Recipes
Beef Burrito recipe with all trimming for only 482 calories & Cheesy Nachos with Guacamole for only 482 calories!

I've mentioned before how a burrito at Guzman Y Gomez is well over 800 calories.

So by cutting back the rice portions and you can have all trimmings of beans, meat, yoghurt sauce and guacamole for half the calories.

Nachos can be made fast at home with little calories...chop up corn tortillas into wedges, grate over some cheese and dry bake to cut back the oil making it only 469 calories with all the trimmings.

I know still pretty high calories per meal but let me work my fitness magic with this meal plan:

Mexican Meal Plan
Indulge in Mexican all week with only a moderate level exercise to burn 1700 calories per day!

That's right you can have burritos, nachos and guacamole all week for only 1584-1782 calories per day with a few fast and simple tactics.

And the best bit...all you need is a moderate level of exercise to burn these calories.

In Summery

  • You can eat old faithful cuisines to rapidly boost your fitness.
  • Apply portion and flavour tactics to consume around 1600-1800 calories daily to boost your muscle tone.
  • Cuisines such as Comfort Food, Italian, Curries, Mediterranean & Mexican all have health & fitness benefits!

Don't take my word for it...try them for yourself and see!

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