4 Tips to Reach Your Goal Weight and Stay there!


Fitness Tips:

4 Tips to Reach Your Goal Weight and Stay there!

When it comes to weight loss or even healthy weight gain there are 4 vital fundamentals that most people miss.

Let me help you by mapping out these 4 fundamentals in the next 5-minute read, so you have the essential foundation while using your training program, to successfully achieve your weight focused goals:

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1. Realistic & Achievable Weight Goals

Have you ever started a training program and set the bar too high?

If so, you would have found that by weeks 2-5 of your training program you lost interest, other life interests took over, and it all eventually fizzled away into non existence? Does this sound familiar?
Goals are fantastic but when realistic and achievable goals are not set early, the whole training program comes undone and often resulting in backward steps, ending up further away from your goals. Here's my tip, the most realistic weight loss goal, to get weight off and keep it off long term, is 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) each week. This is based on a 75-80kg female with average fitness.
If your fitness levels are lower and/or weight is higher, it can be realistically possible to lose more weight per week until you reach the 70-75kg mark. Imagine if you could move yourself from 75kgs down to 65kgs and keep it off!


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2. Realistic & Achievable Fitness Goals

Ever started out a fitness regime with Usain Bolt type goals? Then you you found that 2 weeks later you're that stiff and sore that workouts start to fall away, or even worse you end up with the latest cold or gastro going around because you have trained that hard your immune system is shattered?

Starting out with a sprint is unrealistic. You must set realistic and achievable goals, it's key to your results. Starting a little slower than expected over the first two weeks and sticking at every session for 10 weeks is where you will achieve your best results... thats consistency and persistence.
What if I told you to only increase your intensity by 10% each week, would you be in? An increase of 10% each week will get you to 100% of your fitness goals over 10 weeks!

Swiss Ball Leg Cardio at Home
Swiss Ball Leg Cardio at Home

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3. What's your Fitness Plan?

When you start out to reach your goals it is super important to have a plan. A plan that will last and keep you interested in your training, because you're consistently achieving your goals.

This is the best motivation to help you stick with a fitness program. Unfortunately, this is where most people fail. They start out excited and motivated but they don't have a plan mapped out, so they float around like the breeze between workouts, lacking direction. So when a stiff wind blows, their training floats away in the wind and nothing ends up being achieved.
A workout plan that is mapped out every step of the workout, every workout, each week until the end of the program is a program that never fails and enables you to see your achievements as you go.

Cajun Chicken Pizza

4. What's your Meal Plan?

I see this all time because I work in the gym and I'm sure you have come across a person like this too... for 2 weeks they go on juice and fruit diet like its going out of fashion, then on the 3rd week they're back on the junk food.

Come on, we've all tried it... including myself!
A realistic diet that's low on calories but not too low, and that covers all your favourite foods in a healthy way, is the best meal plan to choose. Do you have a realistic plan each meal, each week? Let me keep it realistic for you with healthy burgers, roasts, sweets, treats, curries, Mediterranean, Mexican and European flavours, so you stay interested every meal. This way you & your whole family can eat your way to health and achieve your weight goals together.
Don't worry about mapping it out yourself, counting calories and all that exhausting stuff. I've done it all for you, not to mention trialed and tested each meal. I've even included the convenience of collating an easy shopping list each week for you, so you can get it sent to your door, or stroll through the shopping isle for extra exercise if you like.

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