4 Speed Work Sessions 4 a Faster Fun Run


Fitness Tips:

4 Speed Work Sessions 4 a Faster Fun Run

These four speed work sessions are the go to sessions and tips if you're looking to get across the line in a faster time for 5km, 10km, Half Marathon and even Marathons on race day.

1. Tempo Run

There are 2 main types of runners when in comes to fun run and half marathon training - the ones who always run at tempo every session, and the others that go for a jog to simply get the fitness in the legs. Both are great, but what we're after is a happy medium of both.

Tempo runs should be at a pace that uses around 60-70% of your maximum heart and lung capacity for the whole run. Don't have a heart rate monitor? Set out at a pace you would like to run the race distance in and this will get you close to that tempo pace.
As you can imagine, if you haven't ever tried a tempo session, especially over your race distance, they're very taxing on the legs. This is why I suggest a finding a happy medium between these tempo runs and jogs for recovery.
Remember, that when race day tempo runs, at race pace are practiced as part of your training, you're on track to achieving a faster fun run, because practice makes perfect.

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2. Fartlec

It's quite possibly the funniest name for a training session you have ever heard of. Classic right! It's a German word that means 'speed play'.

In fartlec sessions you will play around with different distances, different tempos, on mixed terrains, backed up with jogs in between these so your pace over time becomes quicker for race day. Because in these sessions you're varying the distance and pace, they're quite possibly one of the most fun speed work session.

Runners Fartlec Fitness
Runners Fartlec Fitness

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3. Intervals

Intervals are the shorter, sharper approach to gaining the speed you want for race day. They're often performed on a track or grass oval, over a shorter distance than race day, across multiple reps, at faster pace, backed up with jogs in between.

Everyone loves a good sprint to the finish line, and intervals will definitely help you finish in sprint glory. Get your sprint finish on, a long way from the line with my interval training sessions and running programs.

Hill Sprints
Hill Sprints

4. Hills

The benefits of hills are sometimes overlooked, but they're a fantastic speed work session. Got any hills or slight rises in your next fun run, half or marathon? Hills are the session for you.

They will train your heart, lungs and legs to deal with the undulation so you can power to the top, over the top and keep going without losing pace. Hills are quite often short, sharp sprints at a nice gradient so you can bang out the tempo and reps.

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