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30 DAY BOOST Program

Are your social situations calling for skinny jeans & the beach but you feel like skinny jeans and the beach are not calling you right now?
  • Have you made many fitness starts with the right intentions?
  • Have they ended up in the wrong direction a few weeks later?
  • Are you feeling lost a sea of 'Unrealistic Workout Programs' for your lifestyle?
  • Do you know the quick easy steps to turn Your Fitness around in just 1 week?
  • Would you like to be walked through step-by-step to making the best start?

I am here to help!

30 DAY BOOST step-by-step Workout & Meal Plans will turn it all around in 1 week!
And over the 3 weeks to follow they will confirm the fitness habits you already know and we are going to you create new ones together.
Find out for yourself, here is what they are saying about it:

This is the only Weight Loss Program where you get to Eat Pizza & Chocolate & Still lose weight!


What do I get in 30 DAY BOOST?

Kick Start YOUR Goals with my 30 Day Programs!

Over the next 30 days I am going to walk you through step-by-step in my workouts to your Skinny Jean, Shirt Off confident!

It will take you longer to watch your favourite show on Netflix than it does to complete one of my APP Workouts & Recipes.
You even get to eat pizza & chocolate and still lose weight on my meal plans!
  • Access the 1st 4 weeks of my 10Wk-2fit Workout Programs & Meal Plans
  • The convenience & comfort of: Body Weight, Home, Park, Gym & Running App Programs
  • 300+ 20-min Workouts
  • 200+ 15-min Recipes
  • Apps with step-by-step Photos, Hints & tips each Workout & Recipe step
  • Realistic beginner to advanced options!
  • No kitchen experience needed!
  • Weekly Weight Tracker & Daily Calorie Tracker
  • Programs for Weight Loss, Wedding Day, Running, Fit & Lean & Post Pregnancy
  • WeeklyFitness Support
  • I have done all the thinking for you!

30 Day Boost Membership
$8.50 AUD for 30 Days
** Then Recurring $14.50 AUD Monthly for ongoing access

It will take you longer to watch your favourite show on Netflix than it does to complete one of my APP Workouts & Recipes!



10W2Fit Weight Loss Programs

I lost 10kgs with Luke's 10WK2-Fit Programs. What I really love is how simple and easy the plan is. It fits into my lifestyle without effort, from the easy to follow meal options to the quick workouts. It helps that all of the meals are really tasty! Not your usual health food!!!


10W2Fit Running Programs

Definitely recommend it for anyone who is serious about getting results! Luke has taken the hassle of having to think about annoying decisions: It covers all areas diet, running and gym. So do a favor to your health and wallet and get onto it if you want to get the best results!

No Gym? No Worries! Enjoy my 'At Home Body Weight Workouts' on my APP!


Luke's Tips

  • Do I need experience? No, not at all.
    I will walk you through step-by-step each workout & recipe with photos, text, hints, tips & videos so that even if your a beginner you can enjoy the full benefits of these fitness programs.

  • How long does each workout take? I like to keep it realistic to your lifestyle so 100% of my workouts on take 20-minutes in total!
    There is option to couple up my workouts as your fitness increases around the 2 week mark if your a beginner, to make up a full 40-mins so your results come quicker.

  • How long does each recipe take? Again I like to keep it realistic to your lifestyle so 100% of my workouts on take 15-minutes in total!
    Even my roasts only take 15-minutes of prep, place them in the oven and walk away for 1 or 2 of my 'At Home Workouts' until cooked.

  • What do I need for each workout? As little as a towel, a drink bottle, your phone or tables and your earphones with your favourite workout music!

  • I'm a beginner will I make it through your workouts? At first you may only need to complete 10-mins of my 1 of my workouts every second day to get yourself started, then work up to a full 20-min workout at your own pace by the end of the week.
    Then the second week complete 1x20-min workout every second day and then by the 3rd week you will be flying through my programs.
    Remember you have 1-month to complete a 30 Day Boost Program. So lets START TODAY!

  • Do I have to workout & cook every day? No you don't! I have set up the workout programs & meal plans so that you can afford to take a day off and fit my quick easy 20-min workouts in around your lifestyle and even holiday and travel with my body weight workouts 'at home'!
    But if your want your results to come quicker my suggestion is for just 10 weeks of your life follow my programs daily. Also its a great idea to workout just for 20-mins when on holidays/traveling to combat the excess 'holiday' calories.

  • Do I have to follow your set workout & meal plans for results? I find those just starting out like the set structured guidance of my workout & meal plans so they can make great wins on their big goals.
    If you are little further down the track you might like to mix and match your favourite workouts & recipes to suit your goals using my app.

  • How often do the workout & meal plans repeat? Once every 2-5 weeks (2-5x per 10W2Fit depending on which one you choose) you will rotate through my workouts & recipes in my 10W2Fit programs.
    Each week for the 1st 2-5 weeks brings a whole new meal plan and workout with daily muscle groups so you work the whole body along with cardio across the week so your confidence builds in healthier fitter & leaner. Then you'll be repeating the same workouts & recipes with familiarity and ease.
    I have four 10W2Fit Programs so it will take you the best part of year to complete all my 315 plus workouts & 50 meal plans.

  • How do I change beginner to advanced reps? In your user profile adjust your 'fitness level' from beginner to intermediate or advanced and it will adjust your reps in every exercise in each workout accordingly.

  • Can I change my fitness level once I start your programs? Yes you can. Simply adjust your user profile 'fitness level' from beginner to intermediate or advanced your fitness increases so your results come quicker.

  • How much does it cost? Again I like to keep it realistic for your budged.
    You can complete a whole 10W2Fit & Confident with just your body weight I have also chosen easy to find workout equipment that you can buy for as $0 like your 'second hand' truck tire up to $20 for a set of adjustable dumbbells.
    Then you can use across the whole week or time & time again in all my workouts to save you $$$. My 10W2Fit Programs can cost as little as $5 per week to unlock all of them.
    The meal plans can cost as little as $20 per day, per person, including food and my programs!

  • How many people are the workouts & meal plans for? Currently I have set 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 person workouts and 1,2 & 4 person meal plans.
    Inside each workout & recipe in the app has adjustable numbers, ingredients and equipment list just in case friends come over unexpectedly for a workout or meal with you. It's so much more fun that way!

Enjoy building fitness confidence!
Big fitness love,

30 Day Boost

My Guarantee in Your Happiness

Let me take the pain OUT of Not Knowing where to Start!

I know your going to love all my realistic Workout Programs & Meal Plans.
So I have packaged them up in an affordable & amazing 30 Day Boost Trial for YOU!
  • Boost Your Fitness with the Start YOU'VE Always Wanted
  • 30 Days to kick start Your Fitness with the 1st 4 weeks of my 10 week Programs on my APP
  • Tailored Workout Programs & Meal Plans
  • Access Home, Park, Gym & Running Workouts
  • Plenty of Pizza & Chocolate & YOU will still Lose Weight!

For Less than 2 Coffees YOU can make YOUR Best Fitness Start!

30 Day Boost Membership
$8.50 AUD for 30 Days
** Then Recurring $14.50 AUD Monthly for ongoing access

I have even got my partner, Steve, into my workouts in the park which is nice that we can both get a good workout from the same regime.

Anastasia: 10W2Fit

Affordable to Everyone

My 30 DAY BOOST Promise

I have been where you are too!

I was super uncoordinated and had learning difficulties as a child due to a head injury. That’s why I started exercise.
I was a super skinny 60kg teenager, that’s why I started at the gym.
I was an overweight adult and that’s why I started these step-by-step programs!
I too have had to do fitness and meal plans on a gym instructors budget!
I want to make workout & meal plans accessible and affordable to everyone.
With these workout programs & meals plans you are going to find you don't needs loads of equipment or even a gym. You will raise your metabolism, fitness and strength so you get fit while you sleep!
I am going to to walk you through step-by-step to your Skinny Jean, Shirt Off confidence right now.
You will make the best start to fitness YOU'VE Ever Made!

For Less than 2 Coffees YOU will get Skinny Jean, Shirt Off confident

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