3 tips to the Perfect Bride Body Fast!


Fitness Tips:

3 tips to the Perfect Bride Body Fast

It can't be helped that somethings get left to the last minute but don't despair. Here are 3 tips that will fast track your perfect brides body now:

Side Leap at Home
Side Leap at Home

1. Up the Cardio

In this busy time of your life cardio is the best way to fast track your brides body. Cardio for over 15-minutes places your body into the ultimate 'fat burning' zone for any continuous workout and also burn calories, in the way of sugars fast!

Keep your heart rate between 120-150 beats per minutes for optimal results. Check this by finding your pulse, count the beats for 6 seconds, then just add a '0'. This is a pretty accurate guide to know where your heart rate is.


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2. Eat your way to a Brides Body

It really is no secret that the right diet is the best way to fast track those final few kilos. When your working out and you want to look glowing on your wedding day, you definitely don't want to do the last minute 'starvation' diet because that will leave you feeling horrible and looking very tired.

My suggestion is to consume around 1600-1800 calories per day to fast track your results. The only problem here is that there are so many diets out there, most being bland with only blanched veggies and a hand full of almonds for snacks...and a total misery! That fad is not going to last long to keep you lean and healthy!
What you should be looking for is a diet that covers all food groups evenly with some sweats and treats so you don't end up over indulging in the wrong foods to over compensate for a bland fad diet.

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Body Weight Squats at Home
Body Weight Squats at Home

3. Functional Movements

Anyone can lose weight fast if they starve themselves, but they'll never look healthy. A combination of cardio, a healthy exciting diet and the right functional movements will strengthen your muscles so you don't look tired, gaunt and worn out on your wedding day.

The right mix of functional strength movements in your workout, so that your working multiple muscle groups, in multiple directions, in each exercise, often hitting the arms, legs and core at the same time is key to getting you to your beautiful brides body fast!
This is without a double the most efficient way to workout and lets face it, when you're planning a wedding on top of your everyday activities, you don't have time to waste!

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