3 Tips that Will Improve your Running 10% in 1 Week!


Fitness Tips:

3 Tips that Will Improve your Running 10% in 1 Week

I love running! Athletics is my sport and passion, BUT lets face it running is not the easiest pastime!

What if I told you I could make running easy no matter how fit you are, improve your fitness by 10% in 1 week, help you achieve your fitness goals super fast and stay injury free!
Are you in?
All you have to do is follow these 3 running tips with 1 universal rule and you will start loving running as much as I do:

Long Run

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10% Extra Distance

If you're just beginning to train for your favourite fun run, have plateaued in your training, or you're a serious athlete looking for further improvement, follow this rule from week to week, across the weeks training - only complete 10% extra distance than last week!

Yes that's right only 10%. This will give your muscles a chance to adjust to your current work load and gain enough recovery to go to the next level, without injury. If you complete more than this recommended endurance load (if you're a sprinter or distance runner), you will put your muscles & bones at risk of injury because your body can't continue to sustain the constant pressure without a significant plateau for repair.
So lets say you ran 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) last week, this week you should only complete 10 kilometers as the full weeks distance. This increase of 10% weekly will improve your endurance capacity and over 10 weeks you will complete your half marathon distance or gain increasing results, injury free!


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10% Extra Intensity

Are you completing any 'speed work' or 'interval sessions' per week? If not, this week would be a great week to start! Speed work, intervals and reps will help you regularly run at a faster pace which is going to making running far more enjoyable (and you also get to take a short break between reps).

Not only will speed work improve your pace, but it will burn far more calories than just the good old jog, so your results come 10% faster on a weekly basis. Only look to improve 10% extra on reps, pace or distance in your speed work session each week, taking it 1 week at a time so your muscles have a chance to recover for your next running session whether that be tomorrow or next week.
So, if you're running 10km/hr (6 minutes per kilometer pace or 9min 40sec mile pace) you should only look to improve 10% to 11km/hr pace or (5min 27sec kilometer pace or 8min 46sec mile pace).

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High Knee Stair Runs

10% Extra Sessions

Most people I talk to in the gym don't run regularly enough to reap its full fitness benefits because they believe it is a horrible experience and some liken it to torture. This is mainly because they try to 'bite off' more than their muscle can handle in 1 session or in 1 week and they go way to hard to early. As a result, over the next couple of weeks the sessions start to fade away to nothing and this cycle repeats itself every time they feel they need to get fit or lose the weight fast. Sound familiar? To keep your goals and sessions realistic and achievable across a whole week, week in and week out over 365 day a year, simply aim to complete 10% extra across a whole week. This can be achieved by adjusting your distance, time, pace and sessions completed over the whole week. So, if you want to address your number of sessions and you completed 3 sessions of running last week over 3 days, to achieve a measurable and realistic 10% improvement the following week, you should only complete 1/3 more sessions until you increase to 7 sessions over 7 days. Also keep in mind that you can start adjusting distance and pace by 10% after or while achieving 10% more sessions each week.

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