3 Big Tips to get Your Honeymoon’s Bikini & Boardie Body!


Fitness Tips:

3 Big Tips to get Your Honeymoon's Bikini & Boardie Body!

In the next 5-minute read I have 3 massive tips that will get your bikini and boardie body set for your big honeymoon:

Set Your Goals:

The 1st question I ask my clients 'tieing the knot' is, how long do you have until your honeymoon? The 2nd is, what do you realistically want to achieve? So what were your answers?

If you are within the 10 week time frame, you have come to he right place! Even if you have a couple of weeks to go we can still achieve some results... and something is better than nothing right!
If you have the full ten weeks to go though, we can achieve the full 'if the rooms-a-rocking don't come a-knocking' honeymoon body!!
So where do you start? Well I bang on about it a lot, but I absolutely live by my biggest suggestion here - start with your minimum 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week (20mins a day) combining a good mix of strength and cardio, incorporating all the big muscle groups every session.
If you are already achieving this and your honeymoon-bod isn't quite there, I suggest either raising the intensity of your workout or increasing the time of your workout session.



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Drink Wisely

So you have party after party to celebrate everything heading into this next chapter of your life, but unfortunately that typically involves a lot of 'calories in' and defeats the purpose of what we're trying to achieve.

I'm not suggesting that you stop celebrating with your friends during this momentous time of your life and become utterly boring... your friends and family will start to question if they want to turn up to your wedding! All I'm suggesting is that you take on board my fitness wisdom on this one, so you're armed with low calorie drinks to get you that six pack of abs on your honeymoon.
The Best way to achieve this is to consider what you're drinking! Did you know that a Vodka, Lime and Soda is the lowest calorie alcoholic drink to consume, if you need a drink in your hand. It has far less calories than beer, wine and even a banana.
Remember to watch the consumption of drinks here because the calories still do add up. You could always skip the vodka and order just a lime and soda every second drink, just to cut back on some extra calories and no one will even notice, but they will notice your new six-pack.

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Burn More

I know what your thinking 'No Pain No Gain'! Right? Not necessarily! You don't have to feel the burn in absolutely every workout across a week, a rep or after reps.

You should feel muscle burn a couple of time per week, in only a couple sessions. I'm a distance runner and this is the mentality I apply! So should you burn more calories in bigger sessions? No necessarily!
If you're not already clocking in the 20-minutes a day discussed in point one, just start with this and your results will definitely come. After this, how do I burn more calories for results? Simply, burn more calories than what you consume through eating. If you follow this tip, you will always have that rocking honeymoon body... even in 40 years time when the grand kids come to visit! Really Luke? Yes that's right!
Track the calories you eat per day and the calories you burn per day with a 'fit bit' or heart rate monitor/gps watch. Around 1600-1800 calories per day is a great target for adults who exercise, to be fit and stay healthy. I can walk you through a healthy diet, to a healthy body and make it real easy for you to track your calories with my meal plans and personalised user profile.
Its a big task to organise a wedding let alone plan out your exercise program and plan your meals to calculate and track your calorie consumption during this exciting time of your life. Let me do all of this thinking for you. Simply setup your profile here and kick start your honeymoon body with my meal plans for your best fitness results.

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