3 Big Sessions that WILL Improve Your Fitness Immediately!


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3 Big Sessions that WILL Improve Your Fitness Immediately!

There are so many runners sessions out there to choose from, it makes it hard to know which ones are going to add the most benefits to you and your fitness.

I have worked and trained with some of Australia's greatest Athlete's, current record holders and coaches, and these are their go-to sessions for immediate fitness:

1. Hills

I know what you're thinking- I hate hills! Well you're not the only one. The athlete's I've trained and worked with say exactly the same thing. You wouldn't be an athlete if you didn't hate hills!

So the best way forward and 'around' your love-hate relationship with hills is to incorporate hills into your weekly training program. At first your body will feel a little 'slapped in the face' so to speak. Just go with it... Trust me! Your cardio, strength and power will adjust over time and you will train your body to love them and the results!
Start incorporating hills by simply going for a run that includes more hills than usual and power to the top. Alternatively, go 'all out' with hills and try sprinting up shorter, steady incline hills for immediate speed and power benefits. There is no doubt about it, hills will give you immediate speed, strength and power fitness benefits.
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2. Strength Based Training

I have been in the fitness industry and athletic scene for over 20 years and people still associate strength training with the gym & weights. It doesn't have to be that way.

I started strength training as a youngster with body weight exercises in the garage of my coaches house. Here's my secret, combine a series of circuits incorporating burprees (great for quad power), skipping (perfect for calf muscle endurance), step ups (best for glute and quad strength and are very similar to the running action), and of course the vital core work (for strength to lift your knees and stabilise your hips when striding).
All of the above exercises are so simple and easy, they can be performed at home, outdoors or at the gym and will improve your running speed, power and stride immediately.

Athletic Lunges
Athletic Lunges

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3. Speed Work:

Never overlook your speed-work sessions for fitness. When was the last time you did a running speed-work session with a specific fitness goal in mind?

Speed-work sessions can be as simple as going down to your local park or oval and running at varied tempo... jog the bends and sprint the straights. This is known as "wind sprints". It's a great training technique to build up your endurance for fun run season. 'Wind sprints' was the first running speed-work session I ever did and it's still my 'go to' session for fast fitness results on the track.
Over time you can build up to longer efforts or shorter sharper efforts, with more intensity and shorter breaks... then watch your fitness come fast! There is no doubt about it, combine hills, strength and speed-work into your weekly training sessions will improve your fitness immediately!

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