3 Big Fitness ‘Do’s’ from Marry Me to I Do

3 Big Fitness 'Do's' from Marry Me to I Do

Fitness Tips:

3 Big Fitness 'Do's' from Marry Me to I Do

Here are my 3 fast fitness tips on how to prep your body for every stage from "Marry Me" to "I do":


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1. Start Now

Why Luke, my wedding day is in 18months? That may well be, however before you know it you'll be 4 weeks out from your big day... you may have everything planned but have you planned your daily routine to sexy?

You are about to take on board so many more tasks and decisions like: Wedding location - a tropical, beach wedding or that perfect indoor location? What dress or suit to wear? And picking that perfect ring for eternity! Before you know it, all these things will take over and unless you have factored fitness in early as a way of life it will fall away and you only have 4 weeks to go!
So my biggest tip is start early so fitness is part of your planning for the big day.

2. Reach Your Goal Weight Early

Again, but Luke my big day is months away?! That's ok, but while you're still looking at dresses and suits, be on your way to reaching your goal weight so you can make informed decisions on the best fit and look for you.

Be on your way to getting that WOW factor now, so as you walk out of the dressing room curtains, your best friends will know without a doubt "This is the one, look no further!".
You'll also have some fittings along the way to perfect the fit, while you continue to get fit and achieve your ultimate goal weight, so get there early!

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3. Be Fit

Lets face it weddings are a highly emotional event for everyone involved and that can take its toll. I've ensured that all my clients have been fit heading into their big day, including my wife and myself but at the end of the day we were still exhausted!

The early start, a few drinks before you start to get to relax, the lead up, the ceremony, the emotional "I do's" (yes mine were also emotional!), a few more drinks, the photos, a few more drinks, the ceremony, the speeches (which you want to be perfect for your partner and family) and a few more drinks...get the picture, it is exhausting, not to mention the wedding night!!!
Picture this day and the unfit you? It's not a pretty picture right?
My biggest tip is be fit so you can enjoy the whole day, a few drinks to celebrate the new you, and the rest of your lives together!

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