1800 Ways You Can Eat Your Way to Fitness in a 5-minute Read!

1800 Ways you can Eat Your Way to Fitness Success in a 5-min Read!

Fitness Tips:

1800 Ways to Eat Your Way to Fitness in a 5-minute Read

I know what you're thinking...
1- how can I eat my way to fitness?
2- how can you list out 1800 ways that I can eat my way to fitness in a 5-min read? and
3- if this was true how would I remember them all and keep them in place so I get fit and keep lean on a weekly basis?

Well in the next 5-minute read I will address all those questions for you and more so you can eat your way to fitness success easily, every week until you reach your fitness goals:

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Luke Heath:

10W2Fit Program Creator

I was super uncoordinated and had learning difficulties as a child due to a head injury. That’s why I started exercise. I was a super skinny 60kg teenager, that’s why I started at the gym. I was an overweight adult and that why I started these programs to help people just like YOU find their Skinny Jean, Shirt Off Confidence!

How Can I Eat My Way to Fitness?

Some trainers make diets sound like rocket science and you need a fitness degree to even understand their lingo! Well I'm going to keep it real simple for you, drop the lingo and break down the key element.

Here it is, all you have to do to 'look fit' is burn more calories than what you eat on an ongoing daily basis until you reach your healthy, goal weight. On average a healthy male or female who works out at an average level (20-mins+ at moderate intensity everyday) and who sits in the healthy weight category on the Body Mass Index should eat around 1800-2000 calories per day.
This healthy diet does not lack portion size or contain more celery sticks than taste. Stick to 1800-2000 calories per day and you will be able to achieve your work goals, workout hard, eat some comfort foods and still be full of energy for a healthy home life!
Lets break it down, just so you know it's easily achieved:

A healthy breakfast to start the day: 300-400 calories (that's around a cup of my breakfast cereals, including milk & yoghurt)
A snack to tie you over: 100 calories (a piece of fruit or small snack will get you there, in half these allowed claories)
A wholesome lunch containing balanced foods from the healthy food groups: 400-550 calories (easily achieved from my recipe app, unfortunately a 'takeout lunch' is typically around 700-800 calories given the lower quality meats and fatty sauces and additives used to bulk produce takeout meals).
A snack to tie you over: 100 calories (a piece of fruit like an apple will give you a stimulating energy burst similar to coffee)
A wholesome dinner from the healthy food groups: 400-550 calories (Cook a full flavoured meal from my meal plan and you'll be on a winner, not to mention you'll have a leftover feast for tomorrows lunch)
A small dessert if you're still under the daily total: 150-200 calories (watch your portion sizes here, but be sure to check out my healthy sweets & treats for guilt free, 100% satisfying desserts)
Daily Total: 1650-1950 calories per day! (I focus on the quality of the meal. You may find you need to drop a snack or up the intesity of working workout so your results come quicker.)

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Ok Luke List the 1800 Ways?!

Continuing to keep things real simple, a diet of 1800-2000 calories per day will help you reach the fitness look you have always wanted and remain healthy.

The fitness industry is full of new diets some fads and some fabulous! Magazines, tv and radio are throwing these at you hard and fast and it is really hard to know which one to choose right?
Well I have always believed, practiced and preached a holistic diet is best. If you go by fads you are always going to miss something out like iron from meat if you're vegan (I believe vegetarian and vegan diets do have there place in a good diet and I am a massive fan of meat free days), or with a high fat, low carb diet you're going to place excess pressure on your internal organs over time and lack the energy to workout at the level required to reach your goals.
Usain Bolt puts my theory perfectly: "I've tried training vegetarian and it was great but it's way to hard to get everything I need to stay on top...I don't know any Olympic gold medalist who is vegan, or paleo, it's just too hard!"
So to wrap up your 1st question: Yes! You can eat your way to fitness success with a good holistic diet including a bit of everything from the well proven healthy food groups and keeping your daily calorie intake to a manageable 1800-2000 calories for healthy females and males.

Saucy Italian Meatball Sandwich

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How do I Achieve This Daily & Weekly?

It definitely does get a little tricky to know exactly what to eat and whether you're covering all the food groups to workout, stay healthy and still have energy left over.

Let me help. I take a holistic approach to all my meals and meal plans and walk you through step by step in the supermarket (or shopping online) listing out all the required ingredients. I then hand hold you, step by step in the kitchen to the best full flavoured meals while sticking to your healthy calorie plan.
I have even done all the thinking for you on portion sizes. All you have to do is whip it up in the kitchen and eat your way to fitness success.

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