15 Foods for Fast Weight Loss


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15 Foods for Fast Weight Loss

This 5-minute read will get you on track to fast weight loss this year, with matching recipes so you reach your goals 15 times faster:

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Oils, Fats & Nuts

These are the least thought of for weight loss, but they'll help you out the most when eaten in moderation. Food such as Coconut oil are lower in fat compared to other cooking oils and contain fatty acids proven to assist in weight loss.

Nuts are high in fat but are also surprisingly high in fibre and protein, making them a great snack or meal ingredient for weight loss. Also look for yoghurt and milk that is not 99% fat free... the higher the fat content, the less sugar content, which is beautiful for weight loss.


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Chilli Peppers

These are one of the greatest sources of Vitamin C and Capsaicin which is great for your metabolism and overall health. If you halve a chilli and remove it's seeds, you remove 75% of the spice-heat and keep all the health benefits.

Pastes Sauces & Dips
Pastes Sauces & Dips

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Fish & Avocados

These foods are high in omega 3 fatty acids which help maintain healthy hormone levels of leptin, which regulates your metabolism and thus how quickly fats are burnt. Burn fats and lose weight fast with these fish & oil recipes from my meal plans.

Veggie Bean Chilli Con Queso

Beans & Lentils

These are super efficient at burning fat due to their beautiful mix of protein and fibre, filling your stomach (without the fats of some meats), while being great for your metabolism, leading to fast weight loss.

Oats & Multigrain Long Burn

Do you want to keep your metabolism firing for hours? Oats & Multigrain foods take longer to digest and are low GI (glycemic index). This means they release energy slower and are less likely to trigger the hormone leptin which means you will feel less hungry and thus eat less.

Great for your metabolism! Make the switch, trade in your boxed breakfast, for these wholesome, filling and full flavoured beauties for weight loss!

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For some reason, probably due to portion size and cooking methods, potatoes often get a bad wrap. But they are super high in potassium which is great for blood pressure control.

They're also filling for stomach and mental satisfaction, high in the right type of starch for weight loss when portion controlled and boiled not fried. Sweet potatoes are also a fantastic potato option for weight loss.


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Leafy Greens

Are brilliant for boosting meal size, antioxidants, nutrients and fibre without boosting meal calories which is perfect for weigh loss. Kale, spinach, rocket leaves, parsley, coriander and a number of other herbs are fantastic for this.

Chicken Satay Skewers with Tropical Asian Salad

Lean Meat

All low fat lean meats are high in protein and some higher in iron than others. By increasing your meat intake you will increase your protein intake, you will remain full for longer, can burn up to 100 calories more per day and decrease your food cravings by over 50%.

Lean meats are fantastic for weight loss.

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