11 Foods for a Fast Metabolism this Year!


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11 Foods for a Fast Metabolism this Year

Do you want to eat your way to a faster metabolism and overall good health? Do you want to change your lifestyle and reach your fitness goals this year?

Get a fast metabolism with these 11 foods:

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Chilli Peppers

Are one of the greatest sources of Vitamin C and Capsaicin which is great for the metabolism and overall health. If you halve a chilli and remove it's seeds, you remove 75% of the spice-heat and keep all the health benefits. Want to burn fat but not your tongue? Fire your metabolism with my chili recipes.


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Garlic & Ginger

These foods help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and a healthy metabolism, decreasing the production and release of the hormone known as the 'obesity hormone', leptin. When your levels of leptin are lower, your sugar and hunger cravings are less, which is great for your metabolism.

Eat your way to a great metabolism with my garlic and ginger recipes form my meal plans.

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Avocados, Nuts & Oily Fish

These 3 foods are high in omega 3 fatty acids which help maintain healthy hormone levels of leptin which regulates your metabolism and this how quickly fats are burnt. Burn fats fast with my omega 3 recipes from my meal plans.

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Lentils & Spinach

Both these foods are high in iron. Iron is fantastic for your overall health and when your iron levels are 'normal' it'll help your body's metabolism to fire at a normal level with exercise. Did you know a lack of iron is linked to weight gain!

So be sure to keep an eye on your iron levels and remember that your body absorbs iron better when consumed with vitamin C.

Oats & Multigrain Long Burn

Do you want to keep your metabolism firing for hours? Oats & Multigrain foods take longer to digest and are low GI (glycemic index). This means they release energy slower and are less likely to trigger the hormone leptin which means you will feel less hungry and thus eat less.

Great for your metabolism! Trade up your breakfast & grains to wholegrain with my full flavoured, healthy metabolism-starter recipes.



When you're dehydrated, your metabolism can slow significantly. It's also common for you to feel hungry when you're actually thirsty such that you reach for that extra snack or treat which simply won't stop the cravings until you go for that glass of water.

Get your 6 glasses of water in per day to stay hydrated and keep your metabolism firing!

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