10 Week Programs

The Program Your Fitness Goals Have Been Waiting For!

I've Done All The Thinking For You

The real question isn’t if I can deliver fitness results… it’s whether or not you're actually ready to acheive your goals in 10 weeks or less…

Welcome to your 10W2Fit programs! 10 weeks of workouts & meal plans.

Let me do what I do best for you, rapidly reach your big goals. You will absolutely crush it by taking your metabolism, strength and fitness to the next level in 10 week or less.

These 10 week programs will give you the realistic fitness program you have been looking for and fit perfectly into your busy lifestyle.

What's In Your Program

  • More than 315 step-by-step 20-minute workouts
  • Over 15 beginner to advanced home, body weight & gym 10 week programs
  • More than 200 recipes made simple, healthy & tasty with my 15-minute meals
  • Over 40 nutritionally balanced meal plans, weekly cuisines, dietary options & shopping list
  • Stay focused and on track with my weekly fitness support!

Achieve Your Big Goals Now!

Monthly 10W2Fit Membership
$4.50 AUD/WEEK
** Recurring $19.50 AUD Monthly

3-month 10W2Fit Membership
$52.50 AUD/3 MONTHS
** Recurring $52.50 AUD Quarterly

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10W2Fit: 3-Month $52.50 AUD / Quarterly (recurring quaterly)
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"I lost 10kgs with Luke's Programs."
Anastasia: 10W2Fit
"I gained 12kg of muscle & my Shirt Off Confidence with these Programs!"
Brendan: 30 DAY BOOST & 10W2Fit