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This is the only Weight Loss Program where you get to Eat Pizza & Chocolate & Still lose weight!

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10W2Fit Meal Plans


Are you caught in the constant battle craving of pizza and chocolate but you feel like you have to starve yourself to become Skinny Jean, Shirt Off confident?

  • Have you made many diet starts with the right intentions?
  • Have they ended up in the wrong direction a few weeks later in cravings?
  • Are you feeling lost a sea of 'Unrealistic Meal Plans' for your lifestyle?
  • Do you know the quick easy steps to turn those cravings around in just 1 week?
  • Would you like to be walked through step-by-step to making the best start?

I am here to help. These Free step-by-step Fitness & Meal Plan Samples will turn it all around over the next 1 week! They will confirm the fitness habits you already know and we are going to you create new ones together with all your favorite foods.

Take a sample and find out for yourself:

You even get to eat pizza & chocolate and still lose weight on my meal plans!"!

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10W2Fit Weight Loss Programs

I lost 10kgs with Luke's 10WK2-Fit Programs. What I really love is how simple and easy the plan is. It fits into my lifestyle without effort, from the easy to follow meal options to the quick workouts. It helps that all of the meals are really tasty! Not your usual health food!!!


10W2Fit Wedding Day Programs

I considered my fitness to be at an 'ok level' then I joined Luke's Wedding Day Programs & Meal Plans and it took my town to the next level. I lost 5kg and love my Wedding Photos!


10W2Fit Running Programs

Definitely recommend it for anyone who is serious about getting results! Luke has taken the hassle of having to think about annoying decisions: It covers all areas diet, running and gym. So do a favor to your health and wallet and get onto it if you want to get the best results!

What do I get in 10W2Fit?

Transform yourself with my 10 Week Programs!

Over the next 10 weeks I am going to walk you through step-by-step in my workouts to your Skinny Jean, Shirt Off confident! It will take you longer to watch your favourite show on Netflix than to complete one of Workouts & Recipes. You even get to eat pizza & chocolate and still lose weight on my meal plans!

  • Access ALL 10Wk Workout Programs & Meal Plans
  • The convenience & comfort of: Body Weight, Home, Park & Gym App Workouts
  • 300+ 20-min Workouts
  • 200+ 15-min Recipes
  • Apps with step-by-step Photos, Hints & tips each Workout & Recipe step
  • Realistic beginner to advanced options!
  • No kitchen experience needed!
  • Weekly Weight Tracker & Daily Calorie Tracker
  • Programs for Weight Loss, Wedding Day, Running, Fit & Lean & Post Pregnancy
  • WeeklyFitness Support
  • I have done all the thinking for you!


It will take you longer to watch your favourite show on Netflix than it does to complete one of Workouts & Recipes!


Luke's Tips

Do I need experience in the Kitchen? No, not at all. I will walk you through step-by-step each recipe with photos, text, hints, tips & videos so that even if your a novice in the kitchen you can enjoy the full flavour of these healthy recipes & meal plans.

How long does each recipe take? I like to keep it realistic to your lifestyle so 90% of my recipes on take 15-minutes to prep & cook in total! The pot roasts & walk away trays take only 15-minutes to prep, then all have to do is place them in the pot or oven and 'Walk Away' for 1 or 2 of my 'At Home Workouts' return when they are done.

How many people are the meal plans for? Currently I have set 1, 2 & 4 person meal plans. Inside each recipe in the app has adjustable servings and ingredients just in case friends come over unexpectedly.

How much does it cost? Again I like to keep it realistic for your budged. I have choosen easy to find ingredients that you can buy in bulk and use across the whole week or time & time again in all my recipes to save you $$$. My meal plans can cost as little as $20 per day for 6 meals & snacks & drinks across the whole day including and that's incling the cost of my 10WK2-Fit Programs!

Do I have to cook every day? No you don't! I have set up the meal plans so that you are not cooking multiple times per day. Sunday (or any day you choose to start), is your big cook day leaving you plenty of leftovers for during the week. It only takes 15-minutes of prep, then place the leftovers in multiple containers so you portion out your meals and your results come quicker!

Can I skip a meal? Of course you can! On the days you with be dinging out follow my tips on portion sizes when choosing meals that I will show you across broad range of recipes I have for you. This will help you goals stay on track. This will only push your shopping day back by 1 day of the week and most foods will last in the fridge for over a week. Freezing your leftovers is great idea to cut back on shopping & cooking the next time that meal comes up in your plans. Just use your common sense when it comes to the type of meal and how long you freeze the meal for.

Do I have to follow your set meal plans for results? I find those just starting out like the set structured guidance of my meal plans so they can make great wins on their big goals. If you are little further down the track you might like to mix and match your favourite meals to suit your goals using my 'save to shopping list' feature on each recipe.

How often do the meal plans repeat recipes? Once every 5 weeks (twice per 10 week challenge) you will rotate through my recipes in my meal plans. Each week for the first 5 weeks brings a whole new cuisine, world flavour and theme for you and/or the whole family to immerse themselves. Then in the last 5 weeks you'll love repeating the same recipes with familiarity and ease. hese easy to cook, full flavoured, healthy dishes will take you through some recipe's you'll already know & love starting with Comfort Food, Italian, Asian & Curry Week, European & Mediterranean Favourites and finishing with Mexican Week. I have four 10 week meal plans so it will take you the best part of year to cok all my 200 plus recipes.

How do I generate a shopping list? Scroll to the bottom of each weekly meal plan and you will find the the button 'Generate Shopping List.' Click on this button choose from metric or imperial ingredients portions.

Can I shop on line with these meal plans? Yes you can. Simply copy and paste the ingreatients in your shopping list to your favorite online provider and follow their instructions on delivery to complete your shopping in minutes. If your a bit old school like myself you can breeze through the supermarket with the grouped ingredients and corss them off per isle to make shopping so much easier and faster.

10W2Fit Happiness

My Guarantee to You

  • I know your going to love all the realistic Meal Plans I have written for you to beat the cravings.
  • I know your family will love the variety of foods too.
  • Why not surprise them with it now?
  • There is no obligation to continue after a 7 Day Free Trial if it's not the best fitness start you've ever made!
  • Here is what they are saying about it:

I have even got my partner Steve into the food, he loves the Mexican themed meals especially the veggie con queso! It's great I can get fit & lean and he can share the same meals with me!" 10W2Fit Anastasia

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My 10W2Fit Promise

I have been where you are too!

I have faced the same daily cravings. I used to starve myself on the wrong meal plans with no flavour just to be lean. Then I would fall of the band wagon & eat a block of chocolate. I too have had to do fitness and meal plans on a gym instructors budget! I want to make meal plans accessible and affordable to everyone. With these meal plans you are going to find you don't needs loads of kitchen equipment. The shopping is going to be easy with cheaper easy to find bulk ingredients. Each meal gives you plenty of leftovers which means less cooking. Over the next 10 weeks will beat the cravings by addressing & eating them weekly. I am going to to walk you through step-by-step in the kitchen to your Skinny Jean, Shirt Off confidence right now. You will be there in the next 10 weeks!

For Less than a Coffee per week you will get Skinny Jean, Shirt Off confident


  • Gain all the Fitness Confidence you need in Just 10 weeks!

  • Access all my 10W2Fit Workout & Meal Plans

  • For less than a Coffee per week I've done all the thinking for you!

  • Weekly Support, Videos, Hints, Tips & Beginner to Advanced Options

  • Yes YOU get to eat Pizza & Chocolate & still LOSE WEIGHT!

Monthly Membership
$4.50 AUD/WEEK
** Recurring $19.50 AUD Monthly

3-month Membership
$52.50 AUD/3 MONTHS
** Recurring $52.50 AUD Quarterly

If I don't join 10W2Fit what happens?
Nothing Changes!

And if I do Join 10W2Fit now what happens?

YOU will start transforming to Skinny Jean, Shirt Off confident in just 10 Weeks!

See you on the other side
Big fitness love,