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I will mentor, motivate & inspire you with hints tips & fitness tricks from my Blog posts on: Exercise of the Day, Workout of the Week, Hump Day Hit Outs, Friday Fitness Motivation, Recipe of the Day and Fast Fitness Tips.

Local Park Sprints
Piri Piri Chicken with Smashed Potato Salad
Micro Change for Macro Results
Dumbbell Squat & Press
Beef & Horseradish Subs
Fitness Support: Week 1 Challenge- the 1st Steps
Bosu Over & Back Push-Ups

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How do I ensure the best Fitness Results for You?

I am here for you 24/7! My 10 weeks 2-fit Challenge will increase your success rate to results by 75% and you're more likely to achieve your results 4 times faster with my guidance every session, every meal, multiple times per day! I will hand hold and motivate you step-by-step every step of the way, to the best fitness results you have every achieved. I am your personal trainer, workout programmer, meal planner, weight tracker and calorie counter at your disposal 24/7.

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How do I get You There?

Over the next 10 weeks I've mapped out every session, every meal and all the support you need 24/7 for results. I will give your own personalised Workout Program & Meal Plans to smash your goals!

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In order to fast tract your results, I will advise your following areas: Workouts plans, Meal Plans & Nutrition, Weight Management, Fast Fitness Tips & Tricks.

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Weight Management Plans | Nutrition Plans | Exercise & Fitness Regimes | 1-on-1 Workout & Meal Plan Sessions

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Luke Heath
Creator, Meal Planner, Workout Programmer
My passion is creating workout programs, meal plans and making it so easy for you to achieve your results.
Tiff Heath
Female Inspiration
Former state level cricket player. Finance by day, female face & exercise model, loves working out in her spare time for fun!